Eggnog Pull Apart Bread

Sweet, festive, and amazingly delicious, this eggnog pull apart bread is perfect for a holiday brunch or cozy Christmas morning.Have you ever made a pull-apart bread? I developed a recipe for a client earlier this year and decided I had to recreate a recipe for the blog. When I was thinking about eggnog flavored recipes that would be oh so tasty, pull-apart bread came to my mind instantly.

What is pull-apart bread? It’s a doughy bread that you cut into slices before stacking into a loaf pan so that when it’s baked, it’s uneven and easy to pull apart in sheets using your hands. It can be savory or sweet but this time of year, I prefer sweet.And I love the flavor of eggnog. Rich, creamy, and packed with warming spices like nutmeg. If Christmas had a taste, eggnog would be a strong contender (up there w gingerbread). And can…

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5 Simple Ways to Practice Self Care Through the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for many. To help support your health and wellbeing during a busy season, practice these 5 simple tips for self care. This post is sponsored by New Chapter. Thanks for supporting the brands that make TFD possible. As always, opinions are my own!

Self care has become a bit of a buzz word as of late. Wellness influencers posting pictures of facials and pedicures and $12 green juices using the hashtag #selfcare sets up a very unrealistic expectation of what self-care actually is.

Self care does not have to be sexy. It does not have to be Insta-worthy. It does not have to be glamorous. It can be basic. If we set up unrealistic expectations and ideals for our self care, it becomes stress-full, not stress-combating. It loses its purpose.

With the holidays quickly approaching, the last thing we need is one…

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Holiday Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Pomegranate

Looking for a festive salad to serve up this holiday season? You and your guests will love my easy and delicious shaved Brussels sprout salad with pomegranate seeds and a citrus vinaigrette. I love me a shaved Brussels salad. It’s nice to switch up the typical leafy greens every now and again with a different texture and taste. Especially in the winter months when Brussels are in season.And the holidays are a perfect time to serve up a seasonal wintry salad. To add a little more festive flair, I used pomegranate seeds which basically make your salad look like it’s bejeweled. Toasted hazelnuts add a warm, nutty flavor and satisfying crunch. And the crumbled gorgonzola adds creaminess and sharp, pungent taste. I like blue cheese in my salads, especially in cold-weather salads because I think it pairs nicely with fall and winter fruits like apples, pears and pomegranate. But if gorgonzola…

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Two Days in Florence

Recapping our two days in Florence, highlighting what to see and where to eat!When people talk about the three big cities in Italy (Florence, Venice and Rome), it seems like everyone agrees that Rome is fab but then the debate between Florence and Venice is very polarizing. People either love Venice and don’t care for Florence or vice versa. I have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about Florence (despite the food being amazing). Compared to the charm and uniqueness of Venice, Florence just fell a little short. I’m still v. glad I went and saw it but I don’t think I’d need to go back. Having said that, I LOVED the Tuscany region outside of Florence. That was my absolute favorite part of the trip. Some people will tell you that Florence is a good “home base” for visiting Tuscany but I disagree. I think you need to get…

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Dairy Free Whole Wheat Butternut Squash Waffles

A festive holiday breakfast or brunch dish, these dairy free whole wheat butternut squash waffles are light, fluffy, and deliciously sweet.I’m totally having a moment with butternut squash. First, the Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. Now, THESE. WAFFLES.

Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for the underdog squash. Maybe it’s because I overdid pumpkin earlier this fall. Maybe it’s because I like when my skin is glowing orange from all the squash I’ve been eating (KIDDING).

But really, bring on the Bnut squash. I’l take the extra fiber, vitamins A and C, potassium, magnesium, and antioxidants any day. I also wouldn’t object to these waffles any (every) day either. Steve’s a HUGE waffle fan. So much so that a waffle maker was his only request for our wedding registry (that and a Nespresso machine). Shortly after, I made these chai waffles with sautéed pears. But it’s been a while which…

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Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

The perfect starter for the holidays, this vegan spiced roasted butternut squash soup is super creamy and has a hint of warming spice from cardamom. Easy to make in a high-speed blender or on the stove-top!The countdown is onnnnnnn. Thanksgiving is tomorrow!

Now if you’re like me and still have to do your Thanksgiving grocery run or are still putting the final touches on your menu lineup, don’t fret. I got you. Because today I’m sharing the BEST Thanksgiving (or holiday) starter – spiced roasted butternut squash soup. Here’s why it’s the BEST:

  • Cardamom and pumpkin pie spice give it all those warming winter flavors you want in a holiday soup
  • You can make it in a high-speed blender
  • It’s vegan-friendly and gluten-free to accommodate all your guests
  • It’s especially creamy and velvety thanks to the coconut milk
  • Roasting the butternut squash helps bring out the squash’s natural sweetness

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Slow Cooker Mushroom Stuffing

A delicious, savory, umami-filled side dish, this slow cooker mushroom stuffing will not take up any oven space on Thanksgiving!Is anyone else in denial that Thanksgiving is next week?! Anytime it comes up in conversation I’m just like whaaaaat? How is it the holidays already?!

If you’re in the same boat as me, I feel ya. And that’s why I’m bringing you Thanksgiving recipes these past couple weeks. So that you have one less thing to think about. Last week I shared my Slow Cooker Pumpkin Bread Pudding, and in the theme of slow cookery, today’s stuffing recipe is a Crockpot gem too.Ahhhh stuffing. Are you noticing a theme here? Dessert made with bread. Side made with bread. Yes, I love bread. When I was younger, I never really liked stuffing. Probably because I was hardcore vegetarian back then and even something made with chicken broth was off limits. It…

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