Is Sticking to an Eating Routine Good or Bad?

When it comes to intuitive eating, we talk about listening to your body to determine when to eat, so is there a place for an eating routine and structure with intuitive eating? In today’s post, we’re tackling the question, is sticking to an eating routine good or bad? Stick to an eating schedule!

Be more flexible with food!

You’ve heard versions of both of these before but which advice do we follow? The answer is…it depends.

It depends on the person.

What is your normal tendency?  Do you thrive on routine and get easily stressed when you have to make changes to your eating plan? If you find yourself relying too much on strict eating routines, it might be a good idea to challenge yourself and switch things up from time to time to practice flexibility. If, on the other hand, your eating feels chaotic and there’s no consistency at all,…

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Are Elimination Diets Worth It? A Personal Story

Food sensitivity testing, Whole 30, FODMAPS, elimination diets are everywhere touting relief of symptoms. But are elimination diets worth it? My intern shares her own personal experience with these types of programs.Hi friends! I’m super excited to introduce you to my intuitive eating/private practice intern, Michelle. Michelle is passionate about eating disorder recovery, IE and health at every size and hopes to start her own private practice someday. I got the chance to meet her in-person a couple weeks ago as she recently moved to Boston to complete a rotation at a residential eating disorder treatment center and she’s as awesome in-person as she is via Skype :). Michelle has a really interesting history with trying elimination diets to relieve her GI symptoms and I’m excited that she’s going to share her personal story with ya’ll today! If you’ve thought about trying an elimination diet to feel better, you’ll definitely…

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Body Positive Yoga Resources for National Yoga Month

Sharing body positive yoga resources this National Yoga Month to help yoga feel a little more accessible to all.Did you know that September is National Yoga Month?

As a certified yoga instructor, I am a huge believer in the power of yoga to assist in healing. Whether it’s chronic back pain, history of trauma, recovery from an addiction, eating disorder, anxiety, depression, etc., practicing yoga consistently works wonders.

I first tried yoga over 15 years ago, in high school. A friend and I started taking a weekly class at the Himalayan Institute in Buffalo, NY.  Then I found yoga again in college when I moved to Boston. At the end of my first semester Freshman year, I started suffering from panic attacks. My anxiety spun out of control and it became pretty isolating and debilitating to say the least. That’s when I sought out yoga once again.  The practice helped…

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50 Best Late Summer Recipes

Summer may be winding down, but this time of year brings a fantastic array of seasonal produce. These 50 best late summer recipes highlight the stars of late summer: eggplant, tomatoes, corn, summer squash, zucchini, and peaches. With everything from zoodles to peach crisp, you’re gonna want to head straight to the farmer’s market!Summer Zoodle Salad With Avocado Miso Dressing via C It NutritionallyGrilled Summer Vegetable Ratatouille via Sarah Gold Nutrition

Easy Peach Crisp via Make Healthy Easy

Healthy Blueberry Zucchini Muffins with Crumb Topping via Hungry HobbyGrilled Peaches with Whipped Lemon-Honey Ricotta via Sarah Gold Nutrition

Cheesy Zucchini Tortilla Quiche via Hungry Hobby

Peach Rosemary Olive Oil Crisp via Sharon Palmer

Heirloom Tomato Basil Galette via The Foodie DietitianChili Lime Grilled Corn on the Cob via Hungry Hobby

One Pot Loaded Veggie Pasta via The Oregon Dietitian

Summer Gnocchi with Basil Brown Butter via The Joy of EatingChicken Zucchini Soup…

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Vegan Berry Upside Down Cake

The perfect addition to your end-of-Summer gathering or companion to a cup of afternoon tea, this vegan berry upside down cake is dense, spongy, and combines fresh flavors such as olive oil and mint into a sweet symphony.Hey lovelies! I’m off to Italy for three weeks with my hubs and my fam (hoping pasta and gelato cure post concussive syndrome) so I have my two awesome interns popping on the blog to say hello while I’m away. First up is Emily who created a mouth-watering triple berry upside down cake to share with you all just before the holiday weekend (hint, hint). Emily has been helping out BTS for the past couple months so I’m excited to introduce her to y’all. Take it away, Emily!

Hello everyone! My name is Emily, and I am a new RD and Kara’s culinary communications intern. I am so excited to be writing this…

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Top 10 Highlights from My Trip to Japan

Highlighting my top 10 favorite experiences from my trip to Japan, visiting Tokyo and Kyoto.Disclosure: I was invited to Japan on behalf of Ajinomoto to learn about umami, MSG and Japanese culinary traditions. This post is not sponsored but my travel to Japan was.

Oh, Japan. You stole my heart in an instant. Okay, maybe not an instant. It did downpour my first day arriving into Tokyo but lets say you stole my heart within the first 24 hours (especially after landing in Kyoto).

It feels strange to be writing this post now given that it’s been 3 months since I traveled to Japan but a week after I returned from Japan, I suffered my concussion and well, here we are. Also, I’m getting ready to leave for Italy in four days (!!) so it felt appropriate that I recap my trip to Japan before embarking on another adventure.


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5 Ingredient Healthy Kale and Quinoa Bowl

A 5 ingredient healthy kale and quinoa bowl that uses only five ingredients and takes less than 25 minutes to make. I’ve been working on republishing some of my favorite recipes that could use an update because let’s be real, my photography has changed just a little bit over the last few years. And it’s a fun way for me to re-test and improve existing recipes on my site. This is one of those recipes that often gets featured in quick-and-easy meal round-ups because, well, 5 ingredients.

Who doesn’t love a 5-ingredient meal? We’re all so strapped for time today given the busy lives we lead that it can help to have a few go-to recipes that take less than 30 minutes to make. This is one of those recipes. It’s a great recipe when you’re craving something light, yet flavorful. And although there’s not a whole lot to this recipe, it doesn’t compromise…

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