Whole Wheat Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

This whole-wheat pumpkin chocolate chip zucchini bread is easy to make and delicious for breakfast or snack or dessert! It’s pumpkin season ya’ll! I’m always a little sad to leave summer behind but the promise of pumpkin everything on store shelves gives me a glimmer of hope for fall.

We’ve got one more week of our CSA (sad face) and are still getting zucchini in our boxes. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of summer squash but I do enjoy it grated into fritters and bread. So I made a few loaves of zucchini bread over the past few weeks and I’m still not sick of it. Especially when I tweaked the recipe and added in pumpkin, walnuts, and wait for it…CHOCOLATE CHIPS! Quick breads like banana bread and zucchini bread are the best because…they’re QUICK! And they’re quick to eat the morning too before you head out the door….

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3 Days in Prague and Review of Prague Food Tour

A recap of my 3 days in Prague – where to eat and what to see, including an awesome Prague Food Tour!Prague was my next stop after Copenhagen — a quick 1.5 hour flight from Denmark to Czech Republic. I stayed right in Old Town Square which was a huuuuuge mistake. I thought it would be a good idea to stay somewhere central given that I was traveling by myself but after being woken up at 2:30am every night to some drunko playing the accordion outside my window, I realized I should’ve stayed somewhere a little more off the beaten path.


When I first arrived to Prague, I was craving very non-traditional Prague food, i.e. a salad. I went to a place my vegetarian friend had recommended called Lehká Hlava, or Clear Head. It’s like this yogi oasis tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Old Town…

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Sheet Pan Salmon Fajitas

These sheet pan salmon fajitas are perfect for a quick weeknight dinner with minimal cleanup! Can you say Taco Tuesday? Or, better yet, Fajita Friday??I’m so thankful that sheet pan dinners are trending right now. Because while you may think that a food blogger’s life is glamorous, if you saw my kitchen after a recipe test, you would most definitely think otherwise. Especially considering that I don’t have a dishwasher in my Boston apartment. I can wind up doing  the dishes four times a day when I’m recipe testing. Needless to say, I need to thank the baking sheet gods for making sheet pan dinners a trend. Because sheet pan dinner = minimal cleanup.I love when food trends are actually practical and make life easier. Unlike cauliflower pizza crust and aquafaba, sheet pan dinners actually save you time and energy. And lord knows we can all use a little extra…

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3 Days in Copenhagen: Where to Eat & What to See

Recapping my 3 days in Copenhagen and sharing where to eat if you’re a foodie like me and what to see! 


Walk around Kastellet, the old citadel in Copenhagen. It’s a big green area to walk or jog around and you’ll take in some history while you’re at it as the citadel was founded in 1626! While you’re there, follow the crowds of tourists by the water to the little mermaid statue. Honestly, it’s not much to see (it’s super tiny!) but it recognizes Hans Christian Anderson, who lived in Copenhagen while writing his famous fairy tales, like The Little Mermaid. Grab lunch at Torvehallerne, a food market with over 60 food vendors selling everything from coffee to porridge, to meats and cheese, seafood and salads. And of course, smørrebrød, the classic Danish open-faced sandwich. It’s the perfect place for a quick bite to eat and to people watch!

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25 Creative Ways to Use Leftovers

Because who wants to cook a meal from scratch every night?! Not me! I love eating leftovers but also finding creative ways to use leftovers so I don’t bored with the same meal night after night. Enjoy these 25 creative ways to use leftovers and say goodbye to food waste!As fall routines start to kick in and we start to hibernate a bit more, it can be challenging to find easy weeknight meals to cook every night. But you don’t have to cook every night! Make big batches of your favorite recipes and then find ways to creatively repurpose them for meals the rest of the week. Take some inspiration from the recipes below!

Summer Squash Frittata via Jessica Cording Nutrition

Swiss Chard Potato Chive Frittata via The Foodie Dietitian

Loaded Potato Latkes via Your Choice Nutrition

Butternut Squash and Kale Pita Pizza via RDelicious KitchenTandoori-Style Chicken, Avocado, and Mango…

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Green Tea Marinated Salmon with Asian Slaw

This delicious green tea marinated salmon with Asian slaw is a colorful, flavor-packed dish that’s bursting with nutrients.This post is sponsored by Unilever as part of my participation the Unilever Agents of Change program. As always opinions are my own!

I’m a tea girl. Most folks start their day with a latte or dark roast; I start mine with a hot cup of tea. I’ve been wired this way since forever. Growing up with an Irish mother and Grandmother, a pot of tea was always brewing. If I close my eyes I can picture sitting at my Grandmother’s wooden kitchen table, sipping Lipton® Black Tea laden with cream and sugar out of a little ceramic mug. If something was troubling you, my Grandma’s solution was always “let me pour you a cup of tea, love.” And if someone was bothering you, well, let’s just say her solution was slightly different…

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Why I Stopped Being Vegetarian After 18 Years (Mindful Monday)

Sharing a personal story today on the blog about why I stopped being vegetarian after 18 years and started eating meat again. Hey guys…this blog post has in the making for about six months now. I’ve been waiting to tell this story until it evolved to a point where I felt there was a story to tell. You see, six months ago I ate my first piece of meat…in 18 years. And last month in Europe, I was eating meat almost on the daily. So, how did I get to this point? What did my journey to eating meat again look like? In order to understand this, I think I have to start from the very beginning. A very good place to start (pardon the Sound of Music reference – Salzburg was one of my stops on my trip last month).

The Younger Years. Becoming a Vegetarian.

When I was a…

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