Five Days in Hanoi, Vietnam

Recapping our five days in Hanoi, Vietnam. Lots of street food and rich culture.I’m not going to lie when we first arrived to Hanoi late at night, I wanted to immediately hop back on a plane to Laos. Here we were in another bustling city packed with motorbikes that don’t stop for you coupled with the constant background noise of honking. Not to mention our Airbnb situation with a boxspring as our mattress and a mosquito tent that made us feel like we were outdoors camping.But as the days went on, the city bursting with rich culture and old character really started to grow on me. Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi is known for its centuries-old French and Chinese influenced architecture, the narrow streets and trades of the Old Quarter and its street food. There’s so much to see and eat in Hanoi, you could easily spend a week here. Hanoi is about 3.5 hours from Halong…

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The Best Hanoi Street Food Tour

Hanoi, Vietnam is the place to go for delicious, authentic street food and Hanoi Street Food Tours is the company to book with. Recapping the best Hanoi street food tour!  In Hanoi, we went on the best street food tour EVER. On our 3.5 hour shuttle ride to Halong Bay, we met a couple American girls from D.C. who swore by this street food tour they took in Hanoi. They warned us that it was pretty pricy for a Vietnam tour ($85 pp) but worth every penny. Hanoi Street Food Tours, which has been given praise by the New York Times, is a two-man run show, by Mark Lowerson, an Australian expat who’s lived in Vietnam for years and Tu, a local who worked in Hanoi’s restaurant industry before joining forces with Mark. Mark and Tu limit their tours to no more than 6 people so that you get a completely…

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Grilled Eggplant with Pecan Pesto

This grilled eggplant with pecan pesto is deliciously satisfying for a summertime side dish or plant-based main!This post is sponsored by The American Pecan Council. Thanks for supporting the brands and organizations that make TFD possible! As always, opinions are my own.

If I had to pick one sauce to eat all summer long, it would have to be pesto. Light and refreshing, pesto goes well on just about everything: soups, salads, pastas, sandwiches, fish, meat, vegetables, pizza, you name it. And with the abundance of produce that we have at our fingertips during summer, pesto is an easy way to use up excess herbs and greens. I love to make a big batch of pesto during the summer and freeze it in an ice cube tray so that I can pop ‘em out whenever I need ‘em.

Most people are familiar with basil pesto made with pine nuts, parmesan…

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5 Days in Luang Prabang, Laos

Recapping our 5 days in Luang Prabang, Laos. Waterfalls, elephants, Buddhist temples, delicious food, and rich culture.I literally started tearing up looking back at my photos from Laos. Have you ever traveled to a place where you feel completely at peace and at home? A place that speaks to your soul? A place that fills you up inside? Laos was that place for me. Laos was our third stop on our trip – we were coming from two major cities in Vietnam, which were like NYC but on steroids. It literally would take us five minutes just to cross RUN across the street when there was a break in the sea of motorbikes. Vietnam was very stimulating to say the least.

So to land in quiet Laos and be greeted in the traditional way of putting your hands in prayer at your heart and bowing and saying sabai dee (hello in…

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Coconut Milk Vietnamese Iced Coffee Ice Cream

Coconut milk Vietnamese iced coffee ice cream is the creamiest, most delicious pick-me-up you’ll ever eat. Coffee was everywhere in Vietnam. Hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, coffee shops tucked away down dark and dingy alleys, even hipster coffee shops. Vietnam had it all. As an avid tea drinker, I was a little caught off-guard by the local coffee culture but as soon as that first sip of Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua dahit) hit my jet-lagged lips, I was hooked.

While over there, I learned that Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee in the world next to Brazil and that Brazil and Vietnam usually fight every year for “first place.” The Vietnamese typically drink their coffee iced (because dayum it’s hot there) and black. A “white coffee” is made with sweetened condensed milk. And yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. Maybe that’s why I was so in…

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Strawberry Basil Avocado Toast

With its sweet and savory components, this strawberry basil avocado toast made with Toasted Hemp Seeds is perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack!This post is sponsored by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that make TFD possible. As always, opinions are my own!

Happy Tuesday, my friends! Hope you all had a great first official weekend of summer.

I had a relaxing but productive weekend consisting of massage, movement, quality friend time, reading, relaxing in the park, laundry, cleaning and meal prep. It was a nice balance of self-care/me time and GSD.

Speaking of meal prep, funny story. We signed up for a CSA this year (if you’re not sure what a CSA is or if it’s for you, check out my article on SHAPE). And Saturday I’m hanging out at the house and realized my neighborhood farmer’s market is today – I should go…

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Mini Balsamic Strawberry and Cream Popsicles

Such a fun, easy and delicious small bite dessert for the summer. These mini balsamic strawberry and cream popsicles are the perfect sweet treat for your next summer gathering!Six years ago I joined a little blogging community under a different blog name (RIP Peace, Love and Food). I tried my hand at making recipes and posted pictures like this gem. Yes, this was my very first Redux recipe – Blueberry Basil Lemonade Fizz!It’s so crazy to me that Recipe Redux is turning six this month (and that I’ve been blogging for seven years now)! It’s been awesome to watch this blogging community blossom and grow and to be a part of it every (well, mostly every) month. I love the challenge of figuring out a new recipe that will fit the monthly theme and connecting with other bloggers who post their recipes on the same day each month. When you’re…

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