Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway (and Recipe Sneak Peak!)

Enter the Nourish Your Namaste giveaway for your chance to win my top tier e-book package ($99 value!) and an awesome gift basket filled with all of my favorite yogi-approved snacks and gear!Hey ya’ll!

Thanks so much for the support of my e-book. It means the world to me. It is such a cool feeling putting your heart and soul into something and then finally being able to share it with the world. I’m loving hearing all the positive feedback on the book too – it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face each and every time.

A couple weeks ago, I announced the launch of Nourish Your Namaste: How Nutrition and Yoga Can Support Digestion, Immunity, Energy & Relaxation. Today, I’m here to give you a sneak peak at the eight plant-based, functional recipes in the book AND I’m here to offer up my BEST giveaway yet…

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Nourish Your Namaste: How Nutrition and Yoga Can Support Digestion, Immunity, Energy & Relaxation is here!

Nourish Your Namaste: How Nutrition and Yoga Can Support Digestion, Immunity, Energy & Relaxation is a must have e-book for anyone looking for alternative therapies to improve health and wellness. It’s heeeeeeeeeere!

My labor of love for the past seven months is now ready for me to share with the world and I’m so freaking excited. And a little scared. But mostly excited

It’s always a little scary when you put something you poured your heart and soul into out in the world. I remember feeling the same way when I launched this blog. But I know that this eBook is going to do so much good for so many people and with that I can kiss all those fears goodbye.

I became a yoga teacher in 2014 after a corporate lay off and a wise life coach said to me stop thinking about what you want to do and start asking yourself who do…

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Vegan Gluten Free Black Forest Trifle

Rich, decadent and 100% plant-based! This vegan gluten free black forest trifle is so delicious and good-for-you that you could eat it up for dessert with ZERO guilt. Hi loves! Sorry I’ve been MIA over here. I came down with the flu last week and was totally out for the count all week. These next few weeks are busy for me with speaking engagements but I hope to be on the blog as often as I can! I’m excited to introduce you to one of my interns today – Lizzie! Lizzie is about to graduate with her nutrition degree from Simmon’s College in Boston and has been a huge help doing work behind the scenes for TFD the past six months. I’m sad to see her go but am happy we’re closing out with a bang, or a trifle! She developed a DELICIOUS recipe that I think you all are going to drool…

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Vegan Banana French Toast in a Mug

Breakfast that takes less than five minutes to make…in a mug! This vegan banana french toast in a mug is an easy way to have a weekend breakfast on a weekday morning. Are you a mug person?

I like me a good mug for a steamy cup of coffee or tea but I don’t ever use it as a cooking medium. However, lately it seems everyone is about cooking with a mug. Chocolate cake in a mug. Blueberry muffins in a mug. Pancakes in a mug. Mugs are making a serious comeback. Almost as serious as when JT made a solo comeback. Almost.

And I’m down with hopping on the mug train for a ride. If it means less dishes used and an easier cleanup, why not?! Especially since the bane of my existence right now is the fact that our apartment does not have a dishwasher. I repeat. I am…

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Truffle Roasted Chickpeas

Crispy, savory and totally (warning!) addicting, these truffle roasted chickpeas are the perfect snack for the afternoon snack attack! I started working a few days out of the week at a shared work space in Boston a few months ago. It’s been pretty great so far. I’ve met some cool new peeps outside of the nutrition bubble I tend to exist in, I now put on makeup and brush my hair 2-3x per week (haha), I get a nice brisk walk in in the morning, catch up on my podcasts during my morning commute (OMG, a commute! I’m a normal human being again!), and I get to eat ALL the Justin’s PB and Biena chickpea snacks that I want. Oh, and there’s a wall of tea. No joke. An entire wall dedicated to loose leaf tea. It’s like Teavana only you’re not in a mall – you’re at work. So basically, the new office space…

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Vegan Energy Boosting Smoothie

This vegan energy boosting smoothie is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that will give you long-lasting fuel to naturally carry you throughout your day.  Sometimes I like to play this little game with myself called how many ingredients can I cram into one smoothie without breaking my blender. This round I thankfully won. Kara: 1 Blender: 0. I wanted to create a smoothie that was antioxidant packed but also would fuel me with natural, long-lasting energy. I have a whole chapter dedicated to energy in my upcoming e-book, Nourish Your Namaste: How Nutrition and Yoga Can Support Digestion, Immunity, Energy and Relaxation, because we’re currently in an energy crisis. Everywhere I look people are EXHAUSTED, downing shots of espresso and gulping cans of Red Bull, just to make it through the day. This exhaustion probably has something (or everything!) to do with the fact that anytime I ask someone how they are,…

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Vegan Carrot Cake Overnight Oats

An easy, festive breakfast for Easter morning! Vegan carrot cake overnight oats are sweet, creamy and packed with veggies! The Easter Bunny would be proud. Hello! I just came off of a fun first half of the week in New Orleans for work. It’s funny the cold I had all last week magically disappeared as soon as I arrived. Must have been all the vitamin D I was soaking up there :).

I made sure to get in all my NOLA eats and drinks while I was there – beignets, pralines, gumbo, shrimp n’ grits, Abita beer, grilled and fried oysters…but now I’m ready to get back on track with lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. With Easter coming up this weekend, I wanted to make something with carrots. I thought about doing carrot cake cupcakes but they’ve been done before and frankly with traveling last weekend, I was pressed for time. And…

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