Mindful Monday: The Simplest Secret to Being Present

This Thanksgiving and holiday season, give others the gift of your presence. Struggle with being in the present moment? Read on to discover the simplest secret to being present. 

This week, I wanted to reflect on something that would apply to Thanksgiving (you know that little holiday thing we have this week).

I kept coming back to the idea of giving thanks but didn’t have a clear direction on how to build on that.

Then, I remembered this powerful video I watched last week that talked about giving presence. 

And then it dawned on me. That the best present we can give others this holiday season is our presence. Being truly present with our loved ones.

In a culture where we’re all so busy, where we’re all so connected to technology, presence is no longer a guarantee. In fact, it’s harder than ever to give to…

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Gram’s Irish Raisin Bread

Gram’s Irish Raisin Bread is a tradition that goes back 4 generations to my great-grandmother who was born in Ireland. Not your traditional raisin bread, this bread is hearty, but not super sweet. With a slab of butter, it’s the perfect complement to a Thanksgiving or holiday meal.

Happy Friday!

This week, we’re shaking things up a bit – not one. not two. but three recipes! I know, I’m as pumped as you are. I love Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorite round-ups but I think another recipe is a fair trade-off.

Today is the 21st, which means it’s Recipe Redux challenge time. In honor of Thanksgiving next week, the challenge this month is “a food memory for which you are thankful”. You know, those special dishes or meals that evoke such fond, comforting memories today. I love that food can elicit special memories, make us remember a loved one, and warm our…

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Sweet Potato Polenta Bites with Thyme-Marinated Mushrooms

Perfect as a Thanksgiving or holiday appetizer, these sweet potato polenta bites are topped off with a deliciously savory thyme-infused mushroom marinade. Your guests won’t be able to keep their hands off them!

I have polenta coming out of my ears right now.

Seriously, thank god I can freeze the stuff because WHOA. This is what happens when you set out with a recipe idea in mind and then you change your mind 5 times.

But the evolution of the recipe development was worth it because I’m in love with the final product.

Let me explain the thought process that led me to tupperware upon tupperware of sweet potato polenta.

First, I knew I wanted to make sweet potato polenta. It’s been on my recipe inspiration list for some time now. Actually, my Mom told me she had some when she tried her tempeh and butternut squash tacos. 2 for…

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What The Foodie Dietitian Ate Wednesday #9

Ever wonder what a dietitian eats? Tune in every Wednesday to find out What The Foodie Dietitian Ate Wednesday (#WTFDAW) for recipe and meal planning inspiration, and well, to learn that RDs are human too!


I always start my mornings with warm water and lemon juice. I feel like I forget to include that on these posts sometimes but it’s a daily ritual.

Egg sandwich with 2 eggs, Go Veggie Cheddar cheese, avocado slices, and pesto on whole-wheat sourdough bread from Iggy’s Bakery.

Black tea with coconut milk creamer and raw local honey.


Tempeh pumpkin hash with naturally sweetened cranberry sauce. Because Thanksgiving shouldn’t only be one day out of the year.


Thai take out! This new restaurant opened in our neighborhood called the Noodle Barn and it serves us some of the most delicious authentic Thai and Vietnamese cuisine I’ve had in Boston. Full disclosure, I’ve been a little…

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Tempeh Pumpkin Hash

Disclosure: I was asked to participate in the “#SoyInspired for Thanksgiving campaign” as a member of the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network. I was compensated for my time.

Use up all your Thanksgiving leftovers in this deliciously smokey and spicy tempeh pumpkin hash. Perfect as a savory breakfast or dinner for the day after Thanksgiving.

A couple things you’re probably starting to learn about me by now:

1. I eat tofu on Thanksgiving. And enjoy saying the word tofuuurrkeyyyy.

2. I despise food waste. And try to use my leftovers in any way, shape, or form possible.

I was excited to drum up a #soyinspired recipe for Thanksgiving because most of my Turkey days…don’t actually involve turkey. I was inspired to make something savory and something that would minimize food waste and use up all your Thanksgiving leftovers. Thanksgiving hash anyone? Finally, a “morning after” we can all look forward to!

Cooking with…

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Mindful Monday: How to Tap Into Your Most Joyous Self

This Mindful Monday, a little yoga philosophy to learn how to clear your mind to tap into your most joyous self.

This past Saturday, I attended a yoga workshop for inversions. Despite needing some solid work on my handstand practice, I actually didn’t sign up for the inversions, I signed up for the dude teaching it – Raghunath. 

NYC punk rocker turned monk who lived in an ashram in India for 6 years. Wild, huh? He spent an afternoon with us during yoga teacher training, playing kirtan and chanting in the park, and bestowing us with his practical yoga philosophy. It was the highlight of my teaching training program. He’s so down-to-earth and he has this magical way of putting lofty philosophy into terms anyone can relate to.

As I hoped, Saturday wasn’t just about the inversions. We spent time in a circle chanting and discussing life and there was…

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Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites 11.14.14 (Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up)

Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites – my faves for the week – recipes, mindfulness, and inspiration. And in honor of the upcoming holiday, a Thanksgiving recipe round up! 

Fave Thanksgiving Recipes

Vegan Porcini Mushroom Gravy via Veganosity

The Best Vegan Pumpkin Pie via My Purple Spoon

Caramelized Butternut Squash Quinoa via Housewife In Training Files

Quinoa Salad with Pecans and Cranberries via fANNEtastic Food

Cranberry Orange Glazed Green Beans via Cupcakes and Kale Chips

Mixed Potatoes Anna via An Avocado A Day

Iced Orange-Cranberry Biscotti via Nutritioulicious

Sweet Potato Casserole on Parade via Meal Makeover Moms 

Mindfulness, Inspiration & Travel

The Disease of Being Busy via On Being (POWERFUL READ! When did we stop being human beings and resort to being human doings? The next time you ask someone “how are you” and they respond “I’m so busy”, I challenge you to ask “but how is your heart doing?”)

Why Your Yoga Teacher…

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