Avocado Rose Toast 3 Ways

Avocado roses are all the rage right now. Take your avo toast to the next level with my 3 variations on avocado rose toast.Hey guys!

I’m back from my trip to Switzerland – it was absolutely incredible. Its beauty totally exceeded my expectations. I’ve got a few travel posts coming over the next few weeks to talk more about the trip but for now, a recipe! This month’s Recipe Redux theme is “Get your fruits and veggies in shape – show us how you’re serving the bounty of gardens and orchards in shapes like ribbons, noodles, cut-outs, or other creative cuts.” Now I don’t have a spiralizer (hoping to get one on my registry!) so veggie noodles were out of the picture. But then it hit me…the latest food photo trend…avocado roses! I’m sure you’ve seen them taking over your Insta feed.

I wanted to test it out for myself…

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Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie Bowl

This cherry cheesecake smoothie bowl may taste indulgent but it’s a protein-packed and healthy way to start your morning.Hi, friends!

I’m almost one week into my Switzerland trip and I can’t wait to share my travels with you when I return home! But for now I have a delicious breakfast recipe that’s going to sweeten your morning routine. You guys know I have a thing for dessert breakfasts, right? I mean there’s been the Wild Blueberry Basil Cheesecake Smoothie, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Smoothie, Chocolate Cherry Frosty, Carrot Cake Overnight Oats and Apple Pie Teff Porridge. I guess it’s no secret that I have a serious sweet tooth. But have no fear because you can easily make delicious, indulgent tasting breakfasts super healthy and good-for-you too. And that’s the case for the newest addition to my DFB (dessert for breakfast) collection: Cherry Cheesecake Smoothie Bowl. Smoothies are such an easy breakfast to make…

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Mango Turmeric Lassi Popsicles

Sweet and creamy, these mango turmeric lassi popsicles are the perfect antioxidant-packed dessert.This recipe was created in partnership with the National Mango Board as I am a mango ambassador. Thanks for supporting the foods and organizations I love that make TFD possible! 


Hope you all had a fantastic fourth of July! Steve and I had a really nice weekend just the two of us as most of our friends were out of town for the holiday. It was quite perfect because we were celebrating our official two month countdown before “I do” and because we won’t be spending much QT together these next couple weeks as I leave for my Switzerland trip on Friday. We stuffed and sent out our wedding invitations on Friday night, which I was super happy with how they turned out. Steve also created this super cute little “evening picnic” at home complete with rose and…

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Grilled Hemp Pesto Peach Flatbread

A delicious and easy dish, this grilled hemp pesto peach flatbread is perfect to fire up on the grill to satisfy your guests during a summer weekend celebration. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Thanks so much for supporting brands that align with my values and help make TFD possible!

Hey ya’ll!

The three day holiday weekend is almost here! For the past few years, Steve and I have created an unintentional tradition of hunkering down on hill outside the city, packing wine and picnic foods, creepily watching all the adorable babies (and dreaming about when we will have some of our own) and of course, watching the fireworks. We’ll likely do the same this year (as I can’t imagine doing anything else at this point – we always have such a nice time) and I can’t wait to pack the recipe I’m going to share with you today. It’s the perfect dish…

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Make Healthy Easy’s Grilled Cantaloupe Salad with Blueberry Ginger Vinaigrette

A summer seasonal salad, this grilled cantaloupe salad with blueberry ginger vinaigrette by Jenna Braddock of Make Healthy Easy, is sure to be a hit at any summer gathering,

Happy Hump Day, friends!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and a great week so far. Believe it or not, last weekend was my one and only weekend at home this month. And it felt so freaking good. Steve and I spent some QT together, which was lovely, since we haven’t had much of it lately. We stopped work early on Friday to make it on the wait list for Neptune Oyster (side note: we’ve attempted to eat there two other times and both times they couldn’t seat us until 10:30pm) and we made it! The local oysters were mouthwatering and the lobster roll was the biggest I’ve ever seen/eaten.

Since we were already in the North End (Boston’s Italian district) and I…

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Turmeric Chickpea Salad Avocado Boats

The perfect light and refreshing lunch (or dinner!), these turmeric chickpea salad avocado boats are packed with flavor and nutrition. I’m kind of having a moment with turmeric. Ok, more like a month or a year with turmeric but you get my point. I talked about turmeric’s antioxidant properties in my latest e-book, Nourish Your Namaste, and in a recent recipe post for Mango Turmeric Overnight Oats.

Once I start working with a new ingredient or food, I tend to press the repeat button over here on the blog. Like remember that month when it was pancakes galore over here?

I just came off of a crazy (crazy fun!) weekend in Austin, TX for my bachelorette party. It was my first time to Austin and I totally fell in love. Cool old houses converted into bars, delicious food trucks, friendly people and great Mexican food. I felt like I could totally…

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Grilled Cauliflower Hummus Sandwich

Cauliflower hummus is a new spread that’s sure to rock any sandwich – this drool-worthy grilled cauliflower hummus sandwich is packed with avocado, caramelized onion and arugula. Lunch never looked better.I recently discovered cauliflower hummus when I contributed to this Women’s Health Magazine article on the versatility of cauliflower and why this vegetable is having a serious moment right now. I was like hokay, lemme get this straight. I eat hummus every day of my life and you’re telling me there’s a “hummus” variation that I’m not aware of?!? #FoodieFail.

So, naturally, I went on a mission to try cauliflower hummus and see if it was worth the hype. Now, let me be real for a moment here and preface this by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with regular hummus made with chickpeas. I repeat, there is absolutely nothing wrong with regular hummus. I feel like sometimes we see alternatives…

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