Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites 1.23.15

Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites – my faves for the week – recipes, mindfulness, and inspiration.

TGIF, ya’ll!

On TFD This Week

Mindful Monday: The Art of Sitting Still

Persimmon and Pear Oatmeal Breakfast Bake 

Shakshuka with Harissa 

Fave Recipes

Spicy Spanish Tortilla de Patata Sandwich via Be Truly Nourished

Quinoa Fried “Rice” via The Foodie Physician 

Beet Hot Chocolate via Runnin Srilankin 

Chai Oatmeal with Sauteed Pears via An Avocado A Day

Quick Smokey Vegetable Stew via What’s For Eats

Mindfulness Inspiration 

Give Up These 10 Things to Get Happier in 2015 via Mind Body Green (I need to work on #2 and #9)

Printable Gratitude Journal & Helpful Gratitude Links via Zen and Spice (love this gratitude journal for you to print & use at home)

Western Yoga: Body-Image Booster or Fat-Shamer via Elephant Journal (some pretty valid arguments here)

Life Updates & Gratitude 

Shakshuka with Harissa – The BEST Sunday Brunch

A traditional Middle Eastern dish with a North African twist, shakshuka with harissa (eggs baked in a spicy tomato stew) is a delicious savory dish to put on your Sunday brunch menu!

Shakshuka made it onto my radar a few years back when I purchased Ottolenghi’s cookbook, Plenty. It was one of those recipes that I had really good intention to make until it got tucked away onto my shelf to be forgotten. Then, maybe a year ago, I saw shakshuka on the brunch menu at the Beat Hotel in Cambridge. And I was all like, this is my chance! To see what this dish is all about. It was hard for me to stray from my predictably delicious eggs Benedict, but I was feeling confident in my odds taking the risk to stray.

Shashuka is traditionally a Middle Eastern dish of eggs baked in a spicy tomato stew. The version I had at…

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Persimmon and Pear Oatmeal Breakfast Bake

So excited to introduce ya’ll to a very special person who has made all the difference in my life the past couple months, and that is my intern, Shawn. Shawn is a powerhouse (watch out, world!) – she’s super smart, determined, and has such a big heart. I’m so excited to see where we she goes after her RD – big things await this girl! Fate brought us together last fall at a food conference in Boston and in the most adorable way possible, she said to me “oh my gosh, I hope I don’t sound crazy right now, but I know you! You’re Kara, right? I follow your blog!” It was nutrition love at first sight. I’m so proud of all Shawn’s hard work and thrilled she’s sharing her DELICIOUS recipe and BEAUTIFUL photography with you today. 

This persimmon and pear oatmeal breakfast bake is so delicious you…

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Mindful Monday: The Art of Stillness

Perhaps the greatest adventure of all is going nowhere. In his Ted Talk, The Art of Stillness, Pico Iyer discusses how stillness can bring more clarity and insight into our accelerated living.

I took a New Years restorative yoga workshop a few weeks ago (the one where I set my intentions of letting go perfection and inviting in acceptance) and during the last 10 minutes of practice while we were in a supported twist, the teacher played a TED talk. Yes, it was a first for me as it was for the teacher and the rest of the class. Listening to a speech during a yoga class might sound a little untraditional but the content was spot on for where we were going with this class (nowhere).

There were so many points during this TED talk when I felt like Pico Iyer, Global Author and Travel Writer, was talking directly to me….

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Friday Foodie Dietitian Favorites: The BEST Cold Weather Drinks

Thanks to FOODIE by Mode for sponsoring my post today!

TGIF! Happy Friday ya’ll!

Bright and early this morning, I’m jetting off to the oh-so-tropical Buffalo, NY to look at wedding venues this weekend with Steve. Just a quick 48 hour trip to pop in and out. Excited to look at venues though! It’s getting more and more real erry day.

In lieu of a typical Friday Faves post, I’m leaving you with a seasonal round-up of my hand-picked all time favorite cold weather beverages.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had it up to here with this cold weather already (which is why I’m going to Buffalo this weekend – duh). The only thing that gives me solace this time of year is curling up under the covers with a good book and a mug of piping hot ______ (insert one of the twelve beverages here).


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Vegan Kale and Mushroom Miso Soup

Packed with immune-boosting functional foods like miso, ginger, and mushrooms, this vegan kale and mushroom miso soup is one not to miss during the winter months. 

In case you ever catch me at a sushi bar, chances are I’ll have a gallon of miso soup in front of me. That and a veggie roll, obvi. But for real, I can’t get enough of miso soup during the winter when my immune system tends to be working on overdrive, trying to ward off any cold, flu, or virus I come into contact with.

This miso soup made with kale, shitake mushrooms, and ginger is immune-boosting and deliciously comforting. The miso packs in a lot of flavor that is complemented with the spicy ginger, the mild bitterness of the green onion and the nutty, salty gomashio seasoning. Plus, it’s super satisfying with the meaty texture of the mushrooms and the fiber and protein-packed buckwheat soba noodles.


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Inside the Fridge with RobinsBite

Hey friends,

Happy Hump Day!

Instead of a traditional #WTFDAW post this week, I’m serving up something a little different that I think you’ll find just as fun & interesting.

I’m over on my RD pal Robin’s blog today sharing what’s inside my fridge. Literally. I have pictures of my fridge to show you.

And I chat about my strategies and tips for grocery shopping, meal planning, and the like.

Go on. Get up, close, and personal with me. Check it out!