Luang Prabang Salad (Laos salad)

The freshest salad there ever was, this Luang Prabang salad is packed with tons of herbs and paired with a creamy sweet and sour dressing, inspired by my recent trip to Laos.One of the reasons I love traveling (and there are many) is that I always return with new inspiration for blog recipes. I love being able to bring back a taste of my adventures abroad (like my Slow Cooker Greek Baked Beans and Greek Salmon Gyros with Beet Tzatziki) and share them with you and I love the challenge of recreating my favorite global dishes in the comfort of my own kitchen. I have so much to tell you about my recent travels to Vietnam and Laos and don’t worry there will be plenty of posts to follow recapping our trip but today I’m kicking off my trips down memory lane with a favorite Laotian recipe.

It’s funny. We almost didn’t go to Laos. Originally,…

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What Do Intuitive Eating and The Universe Have in Common?

After reading The Universe Has Your Back, I’m sharing thoughts on the relationship between faith, The Universe, love, control, fear and intuitive eating. Hey guys!

The hubs is sick in bed this morning during our first day in Hanoi so I’m taking advantage of the downtime here to write on the blog. I had plans of writing weekly travel recaps while I was here but someone unpacked my external hard drive (we’ll cut said person some slack though because he’s not feeling well) after I packed it and it houses all my photo software. And travel recaps sans photos would be pretty darn boring. So, Im going to write a couple Mindful Monday posts instead.

I brought three books with me to read during this trip and the first one that I finished last week had a huge impact – Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back. I read Gabby’s May Cause Miracles a…

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The Hidden Side Effects of Food As Medicine (Mindful Monday)

Hey ya’ll! Steve and I are soaking up sunshine and good vibes in Nha Trang, Vietnam today, a beach town on the coast of Vietnam. Or, we’re in a mud bath. The only two things Nha Trang is known for :). Anyways, I’m suuuuper excited because one of my RD besties, Rachael, is guest blogging today. Rachael and I share very similar philosophies around food, nutrition, wellness, life, etc., so you will love her. She practices intuitive eating with her clients as well and writes such thoughtful posts on the matter on her Wellness Wednesday series over at Avocado A Day Nutrition. And the post she wrote today on the side effects of food as medicine is no exception! Without further ado..take it away, Rachael! Hello there! I’m Rachael, the private practice dietitian and blogger behind Avocado A Day Nutrition. Thrilled to be guest posting today while Kara is off gallivanting around Vietnam….

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How Intuitive Eating Changed My Life

Hey guys…I originally planned to share a new recipe (well technically an updated old recipe) with ya’ll today but no one is carrying fava beans yet in Boston. Not even frozen, unshelled fava. Boo. But instead of leaving you hanging without a new piece of content this week before I leave on my trip, I decided to write about something that’s been on my mind for a while now. My true story about how I got into nutrition. The long, real version. Not the short, safe version I used to serve up in the past. And how using intuitive eating in my coaching practice has challenged me to look at some of my own thoughts and beliefs around food. You’ll see how intuitive eating changed my life, really. A few years ago, I wasn’t owning my nutrition story. When people would ask me how I got into the field, I’d tell…

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Spicy Salmon and Avocado Poke Bowl

A bowl packed with nutrition and bursting with flavor, this spicy salmon and avocado poke bowl makes for a quick, healthy and satisfying weeknight meal. Poke was all the rage last year, making all the 2016 food trend reports. So I guess I’m a little behind on the trends posting a poke bowl in 2017 but sometimes it takes me a while to catch on. Or, maybe I just like foods better when they aren’t as trendy. You can find me posting a sweet potato toast recipe in 2018 ;). But I do see the appeal of the poke bowl; I mean, what’s not to love? As a sushi enthusiast, I fully support bowls that are piled high with raw fish and veggies. Originating in Hawaii and made popular in California, poke joints are slowly starting to pop up around the country. But why venture out when you can easily make…

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Slow Cooker Vegetarian Guinness Irish Stew

Ready for St. Patrick’s Day? You will be with this hearty Slow Cooker Vegetarian Guinness Irish Stew, perfect for St. Paddy’s or any cold winter night.So it’s the middle of March and the East coast just got hit with a massive snow storm. Which means that you shouldn’t dismiss soups and stews just yet. There’s still a need for warm, hearty comfort foods and if anyone knows warm and hearty, it’s the Irish. I visited Ireland a couple summers ago and you can read about my travels to Dublin, Aran Islands and Galway, Killarney and Dingle. I’ve never felt m ore at peace and at home in any of my travels than I did in Ireland, which makes sense considering my Irish roots.

I have such fond memories of St. Patrick’s Day growing up. Going to watch the parade and then heading over to my Grandma’s house for corned beef and cabbage, Irish…

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Butternut Squash Noodles Carbonara with Mushroom Bacon

Comfort food with a twist. This Butternut Squash Noodles Carbonara with Mushroom Bacon is a great way to add more veggies to your plate! This past weekend I was back in Buffalo, NY again, this time for my friend/sister-in-law’s baby shower. That’s right, in just a couple short months I’m gonna be an AUNTIE!! I’m so excited to meet my nephew and can’t wait to spoil the crap out of him :).

Whenever I go back home to Buffalo, there tends to be an abundance of heavier foods and since I would never deprive myself (because I know that deprivation doesn’t work), I indulge my cravings and move on. So after a weekend of eating things like peanut butter chocolate cake at the shower (which is my new FAV cake flavor combo, btw), doughnuts from my fav doughnut shop in Buffalo courtesy of Poppa Lydon and eggs benedict at a great brunch…

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