31 Five Ingredient Recipes for New Years Eve

A round-up of 31 festive five ingredient or less cocktail and appetizer recipes for your New Years Eve bash!Five Ingredient Appetizers

Sweet & Salty Pistachio Snack with Blue Cheese and Apricots via The Foodie DietitianWild Blueberry & Pistachio No-Bake Brie via Amy Gorin

Whipped Cottage Cheese with Berries Crostini via Food Pleasure and Health Lemon Hummus Endive Boats with Pomegranate Seeds via Nutritioulicious

Ricotta Cheesecake Dip via Jessica Cording Nutrition

Wild Blueberry and Brie Puff Pastry Bites via Lively TableParmesan Pepper Crisps via Live Best

Sweet Potato Rounds with Goat Cheese, Pecans and Cranberries via Euphoria Nutrition

Beet Tzatziki with Beet Green Chips via The Foodie DietitianApricot Pecan Bites via Salubrious RD

Easy Smoked Salmon Dip via The Lean Green Bean

Mini Goat Cheese Balls via Lively Table

Fall Fig Caprese Bites via Lively Table

White Bean Rosemary Spread via Shaw’s Simple SwapsFive Ingredient Cocktails

Pomegranate Ginger Smash via Lively Table

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Middle Eastern Spiced Quinoa Salad with Eggplant and Pomegranate

A flavorful, lightened up holiday side dish, this Middle Eastern spiced quinoa salad with eggplant and pomegranate is vegan gluten-free and sure to be enjoyed by all of your holiday guests! T minus two days until the holidays!

We’re driving back to Buffalo, NY today to spend the holidays with our families. But before the family celebrations start, you can find me in the kitchen baking all the Christmas cookies (cutouts, peanut butter blossoms, Mexican wedding cakes, pineapple turnovers and hello dollys because you can never have too many kinds to choose from).

But cookies can only get me so far during the holidays. I also need some real sustenance that has staying power to get me through the long days of back-to-back family parties. This Middle Eastern spiced quinoa salad with eggplant and pomegranate is perfect for just that.

It’s also perfect for someone who wants to add a…

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How to Let Go of Perfectionism (and perfection around food)

How to let go of perfectionism, around work, around food, around the holidays, you name it. And it all comes down to one simple mantra of permission. This here’s a tale for all the perfectionists (and now I have Bust a Move in my head).

What Is Perfection? 

Perfection is a funny thing. It doesn’t exist and yet so many of us Type A’ers strive for it day in and day out. We worry so much about being perfect in our work, how we present ourselves, our relationships and life that we totally stress ourselves out.

It’s true. Perfection can wreak havoc on our bodies. Trying to attain the unattainable. Worrying about what other people think of us. Trying to control something for which we have no control (life). It results in anxiety, tension, headaches, depression, etc.

And it can ruin our relationship with food. I work with many clients who…

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2016 Holiday Yoga Gift Guide

Have a beloved yogi or yogini in your life? I’m dishing my top 10 yoga-inspired gift ideas in this 2016 holiday yoga gift guide!As a yoga teacher for over two years now and a yoga student for oh, 13 years now, I’ve come to identify a few of my favorite yogi things. My hope is that if you’re still holiday shopping and looking for a thoughtful gift for a family member of friend who practices yoga, this gift guide will help relieve some of your stress.

Yoga Journal Subscription: I love a thoughtful subscription as a gift because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. This is probably why I got all my bridesmaids cocktail club subscriptions as a wedding gift :). Get your favorite yogis annual subscriptions to Yoga Journal so they can receive monthly yoga inspiration in their mailboxes. Yes, we’re talking snail mail. This magazine has fascinating articles that break down yoga…

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Holiday Cranberry Orange Granola

Looking for some last minute holiday DIY food gifts? This holiday cranberry orange granola is festive and flavorful and packs perfectly into mason jars for gifts. Ps. This post was sponsored by Peapod. Thanks for supporting the brands that make TFD possible. As always, opinions are my own!

Sometimes I think we place a little too much emphasis on giving the “perfect” holiday gifts. We stress out about whether or not someone will like something, we second guess it, we ask other people’s opinions and it takes all the fun and joy out of gift giving. We need to remember that all this anxiety over gift giving defeats the whole purpose of giving and meaning of the holidays. When giving gifts this year, simply ask yourself, is this a gift that came with love and thoughtfulness? If it is, you can’t go wrong.

For me, food is love….

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Mindful Monday: Why Acceptance is Pure Bliss & a Giveaway

When dissatisfaction and resistance prevail and we fight it, we make matters worse. Talking today on Mindful Monday about why acceptance is pure bliss.Ps. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to enter the giveaway! The brands provided me free samples for review and for the giveaway but did not compensate me for the post. All opinions are my own!

Dissatisfaction: a blessing and a curse.

Do you ever feel like you’re running from thing to thing, goal to goal, transition to transition, as a means of getting to an end, all the while, not enjoying and embracing the process and journey? I recently read You’ll Grow Out Of It by Jessie Stein (affiliate link), writer for the Amy Schumer Show. She’s freaking hilarious and if you just need a good laugh, I highly recommend the book. There was one chapter in the book where she talks about…

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2016 Healthy Cookbook Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday shopping struggle is real. Let me help with my healthy cookbook holiday gift guide! Gift one of my favorite 6 cookbooks and reads for your healthy foodie friend or family member.Haaaaaaapy Friday! If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably got holiday gift shopping on your to-do list this weekend. But who wants to spend their entire weekend shopping in a crowded mall?! Not me! So, this Friday and next, I’m sharing gift guides to help make your holiday shopping easier and free up some of your limited free time :). This gift guide features six of my favorite cookbooks and food and nutrition books perfect for your foodie friends or family members.

Ps. This gift guide includes some affiliate links and I was gifted free copies of these books. I was not compensated for this post and as always, all opinions are my own!

Happy shopping!

For the baby boomer who wants…

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