Butternut Squash and Cranberry Hemp Crostini

A delicious appetizer for the upcoming holidays, these butternut squash and cranberry hemp crostini are sure to wow your guests. This post is sponsored by Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Thanks for supporting the brands and organizations that make TFD possible. As always, opinions are my own!

I canNOT believe Thanksgiving is ONE week away! Is it just me or did it totally sneak up on you this year too?

As we do every year, Steve and I will be heading back to Buffalo, NY to spend the holiday with our families. Not sure what’s on the menu this year but I’m sure my Mom will be calling me to consult right after she reads this blog post today ;). And I will tell her these butternut squash and cranberry hemp crostini are a must!First of all, I love crostini as an appetizer. Probably because 1. I love fresh baked bread. 2….

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Try ALDI

Never shopped at ALDI? Me neither. Until they invited me to tour their store and test kitchen. Read on to learn about my experience and my top 3 reasons why you should check out ALDI!This blog post is sponsored by ALDI. Thanks for supporting the brands and organizations that help make TFD possible. As always, all opinions are my own!

Until last week, I’d never step foot inside an ALDI. I’d heard great things about the retailer from friends and colleagues but I never experienced the ALDI magic for myself.

So when ALDI reached out to me to ask if I’d want to visit their Test Kitchen and tour one of their stores, I was all in to learn more about this unique retailer that manages to sell groceries at affordable prices. ALDI has been in the U.S. for 40 years now – they have 1,600 stores in 34 states and…

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Sweet Potato Noodles with Sage Cashew Cream Sauce

A comforting, creamy and hearty plant-based meal, these sweet potato noodles with sage cashew cream sauce taste too good to be good for you (but they’re great for you!) Anyone else need a comforting meal after this Election season?! I’m writing this the morning after the election and feeling the aftermath. And I need all the comforting, grounding things I can get my hands on today, including this grounding bowl of plant-based comfort food. I also need to get myself back on track today after eating one too many cookies and sipping one too many cocktails last night watching the coverage. This healthy sweet potato noodle bowl will do just the trick.

This is my first spiralized recipe I’m posting on the blog and I know I’m like two years too late to the party but I finally made it and Imma do a happy spiralized dance anyway. I got a…

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A Few of my Favorite Things at FNCE 2016

Find out what a few of my favorite things were at the 2016 Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo in Boston!

Call me Julie Andrews because I literally just started singing these are a few of my favorite things from the Sound of Music when coming up with the title for this blog post. Only I sound nothing like Julie. Only in my musical dreams.

When I’m not debuting on Broadway in my subconscious, you can find me attending food and nutrition conferences, like FNCE. This year FNCE was in Boston (my stomping grounds) which made it suuuuper convenient for me. And fun – I loved showing my friends and colleagues some of my favorite spots in the Seaport district, like Flour, Legal Harborside rooftop, BonMe, etc.

This was the first year I attended FNCE as press, which full disclosure basically means the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics covered my registration fee.

I’m not…

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White Clam and Kale Pizza

Smoky, savory and just plain delicious, this white clam and kale pizza needs to make an appearance at your next pizza night.This post was sponsored by the National Fisheries Institute. Thanks for supporting the brands and organizations that help make TFD possible! As always, all opinions are my own.

// Seafood on pizza. It’s a thing. If it’s not currently your thing, you should try and make it your thing.

I know, I know. We usually think of the usual contenders for pizza: pepperoni, sausage, ham, etc. but what if we opted for a leaner source of protein on our pizza? Yes, seafood.

I’m not going to lie, this recipe has totally converted me to signing up for the Seafood Lover’s Pizza from now on.

When I told my husband I was going to make a clam pizza, he replied “who are you, Frank Pepe?” To be clear, I’ve never been…

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Chocolate Pumpkin Avocado Pudding

Rich, chocolatey, velvety goodness that’s packed with nutrition. This chocolate pumpkin avocado pudding is the perfect dessert to make for Halloween weekend!I was on the phone with my friend (/now also sister-in-law) last night and she asked if I was dressing up for Halloween this weekend and I was like oh, I don’t know…I don’t have any plans. She couldn’t believe it. It was as if I committed some sort of Halloween treason. She said you ALWAYS dress up for Halloween. Do I? As I started to think about it, I guess I have always dressed up. Last year I was in Denver visiting my friend Elizabeth and we were salt and pepper shakers who were in a Salt N’ Peppa cover band. Shoop. Shoop ba doop. Then I started to realize with dreadful horror…will this be my FIRST halloween NOT dressing up?! (Cue creepy Twilight music). It’s a sad, scary thought but…

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Fall Harvest Buddha Bowl with Creamy Cashew Apple Cider Dressing

A seriously satisfying plant-based bowl, this fall harvest buddha bowl with creamy cashew apple cider dressing is the perfect grounding dinner to comfort you on a chilly fall night. Remember when I was all like fall, I love you. You with your red and yellow and orange foliage, you with your chilly-enough-for-flannel weather, you with your abundance of apples and winter squash and warm, grounding foods. K. Profession of love over.

But really though, my love affair with fall doesn’t happen right away. I always have a hard time with seasonal transitions (and life transitions in general) – call me a sensitive soul but I kind of have to grieve what we’re losing (long, warm summer days) before I can totally embrace what is coming. The good news is once I get over that awkward hump where I’m hanging onto the very last tomato the summer has to offer, I’m 100% in for apple picking,…

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