EXERCISE your right to be healthy

Saturday: 14 hours of work. Sunday: 14 hours of work. Monday: 6am-3pm. And I’m freeeeee!

Ok, so what’s my first instinct here? I’m exhausted from horrific work hours. All I want to do is sleep for the next ten days. But since I know better, I decide to take my bike out for a ride.

What exactly is it that I know better?

1. Exercise relieves stress. After working all those hours, I could definitely benefit from blowing off some steam. If you’re having a stressful week or a rough day at work, a brisk 30 minute walk can help improve your mood. That’s right, studies show that 30-60 minutes of physical activity 3-5 times/wk can improve mood, self-esteem and relieve depression.

2. Exercise improves energy. Working long hours can be exhausting. And let’s face it, when you know you have to go home and make dinner, the…

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Dietetic internship graduation and celebrations at restaurant week Boston

Back in September of last year, I never thought that 12 months of my dietetic internship would fly by so quickly. In fact, many doubts filled my head before I started. Would I remember everything I learned in college? Could I balance full time hours plus a part-time job plus assignments and presentations? One year later, I have accomplished all that and more and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I am amazed at how much I have learned.

This year I really branched out and have met so many amazing people in the field of nutrition as a result. I became involved with the Massachusetts Student Dietetic Association where I met some truly inspiring dietetic students and interns. Through this involvement, I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging. With the help of a couple blogger friends, Corinne and Lindsey, and the inspiration of Janel through her…

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Garden fresh. And the winner is…

So as you all know I took a little garden adventure this summer, digging in the dirt, making friends with worms, and what not. What you don’t know is the amazing outcome that I had! Check these babies out…

I loved having dirt on my veggies. Yes it sounds weird but its a sure sign that they are fresh and just picked! You should always wash your produce anyway. There may be dirt, but I can be sure there were no pesticides or chemicals on my green beans!

When I took a trip to the farmer’s market in Harvard Square last week, I was mesmerized by the heirloom tomatoes. There were so many different colors, shapes, and sizes. I had heard great things about heirlooms but had never tried them before, so this was my opportunity staring me blank in the face. I bought a few…

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Terrific tacos and an awesome free giveaway!

Ok readers, something super exciting is about to happen on this blog. I’m offering a free giveaway to one LUCKY reader!! What am I giving away for free?!  To find out, first you’ll have to read below on how to make a healthy taco. Details on the free giveaway below!

Hola! I gotta tell you, I love Mexican food. Give me some salsa, beans, and guac, and I am one happy camper. Mexican food can be super healthy if you do it the right way with fresh, whole foods. Sorry, Taco Bell is not going to cut it. Fast-food Mexican is going to be loaded in sodium and fat, especially if you go the beef and cheese route. Instead, the next time you get that craving to put on a sombrero and eat a terrific taco, make it at home! Making food at home is great because not only…

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Pride of New York at Burnap’s Farm Market

A month ago I took a vaca with my family to Sodus Bay in Ontario, NY. It was a relaxing trip as we spent our days lounging in front of lake Ontario, soaking up vitamin D, and tubing on the lake with our pontoon boat. One day, we took a little drive to find a local winery but came across something on our way that sparked our interest a little bit more.

Meet Burnap’s Farm Market. A family-owned business around sincethe 70s. They sell produce grown on their own farm and have a garden cafe where they serve lunch incorporating their own produce into the menu. It was awesome! We decided to stop and have ourselves a local lunch. I had salad with blueberries, tortellini, pine nuts, onion, and parmesean cheese. It was delicious. I think the fresh blueberries were my favorite part! Of course, I couldn’t leave without Gifford’sice cream! Especially…

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A look into the food of Seattle (part deux)

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Seattle dwellers are in touch with food and nutrition. But this time, let me explain what I mean. When I walked by restaurants, I would see advertisements for gluten-free options, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, yeast-free…and the list continues. When I would look at menus or walk into a grocery store, I would see local food, local food, and more local food. I also witnessed it in the counseling appointments I sat in on. Clients buy organic, they eat from their garden, they avoid gluten…you get my drift.

I don’t know what it is about Seattle that makes it such a foodie city. I wonder if it has anything to do with the alternative medicine movement being more prevalent there. Often, alternative practitioners focus on diet as part of their treatment and tune in to food sensitivities that may cause various symptoms from…

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A look into the food of Seattle

Rain & clouds. Those are the two words that people used to describe Seattle when I would tell them I wanted to check out the city. But when I got the opportunity to talk to people who have actually lived there or visited, it was a totally different story. They said it’s green and beautiful, the city is environmentally friendly, and the people there are health-conscious.

Oh, were they right! Last week I got the opportunity to take a trip across the country to Seattle, WA. I set up a rotation there for my internship so that I could learn more about integrative nutrition at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. What got me intrigued to visit Seattle in the first place was my interest in Bastyr University, “the largest university for natural health arts and sciences in the U.S., combining a multidisciplinary curriculum with leading-edge research and clinical…

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