A little bit a acorn squash

It’s that time of year again. Winter squash is back in action. One of my favorite things about the fall and winter is harvest vegetables! Acorn squash, butternut squash, pumpkin, turnip, sweet potato…I’ll take em all!

If you remember last year I dished out the nutrition details on acorn squash when I made Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash. For a little refresher, acorn squash is loaded with vitamins A and C, and packed with potassium, magnesium, folate, iron, and fiber. Named after its acorn-like shape, this squash has a subtle sweet taste. Enjoy it as a side dish or stuff its way into a main dish. Many recipes for acorn squash call for using grains or protein to stuff the squash, making a hearty, satisfying meal.

I wanted a new way to stuff my squash so I found a recipe on AllRecipes for Moroccon-Style Stuffed Acorn Squash. I tweaked…

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Happy Thanksgiving! This year, focus on family, not food

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As a new registered dietitian working in bariatrics, this year, more than ever, I am realizing how the holiday season can be a huge struggle for people fighting to lose or maintain their weight. It makes sense because what’s the focus around holidays? FOOD! In fact, food is often the primary topic of conversation when discussing the holidays. This can make the holiday season stressful or uncomfortable for people who struggle with their weight.

The holidays should be a time to enjoy family and friends and reflect on what we are thankful for. It should not be a time to worry about gaining weight. But with the average American Thanksgiving dinner containing ~4500 calories, it’s no surprise people are concerned.

Maintain your weight this Thanksgiving and holiday season by following these tips:

  • Eat breakfast and lunch the day of your dinner feast. If you…

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Be creative in the kitchen!

The other night I had nothing planned for dinner. The horror! What’s a girl to do? I came home in a ravenous frenzy and flung open the fridge hoping there would be a magical meal waiting for me. No such luck. But I did see leftover quinoa, garbanzo beans, carrots, and spinach.

Now we’re talking. So I chopped up the carrot and washed the spinach. Then I grabbed some garlic to mince. I threw a little olive oil in a pan to heat then added the veggies and garlic. Once the veggies were tender, I added the garbanzo beans and quinoa. Once the ingredients were warmed, I topped it off with a little salt & pepper.

Voila! I had a delicious and healthy meal in front of me! Made in no time. An added bonus – the quinoa and garbanzo beans make it a vegetarian protein-packed dinner! If…

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Who’s counting (calories) anyways?

With technology on the rise and smart phones appearing in hands on every corner, it’s no surprise that more and more people are counting calories. When I reflect on smart phone apps that track calories, I find myself in a caloric dilemma.

On one hand, as people track the calories of what they eat, they are becoming more knowledgeable about the foods they eat and in turn hopefully begin to make healthy food choices. Phone apps are great for this reason. People are tuning into nutrition in a way they never have before, and it’s an easy and quick way to do so.

On the other hand, I never want to encourage clients to only count their calories. Sure, the equation to lose weight is calories in vs calories out, but eating healthy is more than just numbers. Calories alone do not dictate which foods are healthy and unhealthy….

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Pumpkin oatmeal and winners of the Chobani giveaway!

This week I had an urge to make something pumpkin in light of fall and more so just because I LOVE pumpkin! All things pumpkin.

I also needed breakfast ideas for the week….

Here enters pumpkin oatmeal. I made my steel cut oats like usual as indicated on the container. But this time I jazzed it up with 1/2 can of good old pumpkin and added a little pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and agave nectar.

To add even more substance to keep me satisfied til lunch, I topped off my bowl with almonds and raisins.

My next pumpkin endeavor: Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread and pumpkin cream cheese.

Want to brush up on why pumpkin is a nutritious food? Read my post on pumpkin bread pudding.

Drum roll please, the winners of the Chobani giveaway

Congratulations to Chavia and Juliana for winning 6 coupons for free Chobani yogurt! Thanks…

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Chobani greek yogurt free giveaway!

I am excited to announce that Chobani has offered to host a giveaway for Peace, Love, and Food readers!

Two, that’s right TWO lucky Peace, Love, and Food readers will be selected to win 6 coupons each for free Chobani greek yogurt!

Why is greek yogurt amazing?

  • Packed with protein! One Chobani yogurt typically contains 14-20 grams of protein. That’s almost as much as a piece of chicken!
  • Low in sugar! Plain Chobani contains 7 grams of sugar per 6 oz of yogurt & that’s all natural.
  • Probiotics for heatlhy digestion! Chobani contains probiotics which are healthy bacteria that are beneficial for digestion.
  • Low in calories. 100 calories per serving!

No doubt about it, Chobani makes for the perfect snack that will be sure to keep you full and satisfied until your next meal. Pineapple is my favorite flavor of Chobani. The best way to…

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Pizza made healthy

I love pizza. And I have a funny feeling that most of you out there share my desire. In fact, statistics agree- the average American consumes 23 pounds of pizza per year, that is 46 slices! There is nothing wrong with indulging in pizza now and then; however, if you’re looking to cut calories, ordering out pizza is not going to help you meet your goals. A small cheese & pepperoni pizza from Domino’s for example, would cost you 1320 calories and 54 grams of fat. Is it worth it? That’s ultimately up to you, but I have a few suggestions on how you can still enjoy pizza without the extra calories and fat.

1. Cut back on the meats & add some veggies! Pepperoni, sausage, bacon…these are all going to contribute to added calories and fat. Load up on veggies instead. Not only are veggies super low…

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