How to Give Meditation Another Shot (Mindful Monday)

A meditation convert shares her journey to meditation and how to give meditation another shot.Hi friends, I got back from my Europe trip last week and while I’m getting settled in and getting new content together to put up on the blog later this week, I’ve got one final guest Mindful Monday post for ya. This one comes from my RD pal Carlene at Healthfully Ever After. Carlene and I go way back and I’m always so impressed by this girl – her brand, her content, and her fearless, no BS attitude. She’s a rockstar and I’m lucky to call her my friend. This year, Carlene got on the meditation bandwagon but it was not smooth sailing to get there. Now a meditation convert, Carlene is sharing her journey to meditation on the blog today and some tips to help you give it another shot if you feel skeptical. 

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Fully Loaded Refried Bean Skillet

A deliciously cheesy and veggie fully loaded refried bean skillet! Weeknight dinners just got way more fun. Hey friends! I’m super excited to have my dear RD friend Rachael back on the blog today. You may remember her from her Avocado A Day days but today she’s killin it over at The Joy of Eating, with a GORGEOUS new site and authentic style to what she preaches. I saw Rachael post a teaser for this recipe on Insta a week or so ago and was like oh my drool, I need this recipe stat. And so I was so pumped when this recipe landed in my inbox to share with you all! It’s like she was reading my mind :).

Hi y’all! Kara’s one of my dearest dietitian friends and all around favorite human beings, so I’m thrilled to be guest posting on her blog while she’s doing her world…

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Feeling Full vs. Feeling Satisfied (Mindful Monday)

Knowing when you’re full is one thing, but knowing when you’re satisfied, is a game changer. Discussing the difference between feeling full vs. feeling satisfied this Mindful Monday!Hey guys! I’m excited to have my friend Alex from Delish Knowledge back on the blog today. You all know she’s my go-to blogger for delicious, plant-based recipes but she also writes a pretty insightful Mindful Monday post as well! Today’s post, Alex talks about an important nuance of intuitive eating – the difference between feeling full vs. feeling satisfied. This comes up a lot with my intuitive eating clients who aren’t used to tapping into satisfaction. After all, satisfaction doesn’t belong in diet-culture! If you’re currently only relying on your hunger and fullness cues (or some other arbitrary rules), I hope today’s post is helpful for you. Take it away, Alex!

Hi! I’m Alex, a registered dietitian nutritionist who believes that healthy…

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Tomato Pie Bites

A quick and easy, 7-ingredient appetizer, these tomato pie bites are the perfect hors d’oeuvres for your next summer party!Hey guys! I’m so happy to be able to introduce you today to my RD friend, Meme. She’s one of the funniest human beings I’ve ever met and makes the best blooper recipes videos ever. Like seriously, I die laughing watching these things every single time. She keeps it real in the kitchen being her fun-loving, goofy self and it’s amazing. So if you need an extra dose of fun in your day, head over to Meme’s blog and social channels and start following her asap. Meme also makes the most delicious and down-to-earth recipes and she’s sharing one today that I cannot wait to try. Take it away, Meme!

Eating seasonally is something I grew up doing. My parents were always big on getting the best produce that was in…

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Why Healthy Is Always Changing (Mindful Monday)

A good reminder that “healthy” is always changing as your life changes and be gentle with yourself as the tides change.Hey guys! My friend Robyn over at The Real Life RD is kicking off a Mindful Monday guest post series while I’m in Europe. I met Robyn for the first time at FNCE last year and immediately fell in love with her keep-it-real, no BS, attitude. She also has a kickass blog and Instagram account that’s all about embracing your imperfections and treating yourself with kindness, which really is a breath of fresh air considering all the negative, perfectionistic content we’re inundated with these days! I hope today’s post reminds you that health is not all black and white and definitely not one-size-fits-all. 

I’ve learned over the past few years of being a dietitian and also being a 20 something human, that we as a society have gotten the meaning of…

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Easy Recipes for Summer Potlucks

Hi, friends! Over the next couple weeks while I’m away in Europe, I’m going to have some of my fav RD friends guest posting on the blog. I’m really excited for you to “meet” them all – you’re going to love them. We’re kicking off the guest posts today with my friend Anne from fANNEtastic Food. I met Anne a few years back at Blog Brûlée and was so impressed with how she built a blogging career for herself – she was definitely an inspiration for getting TFD off the ground a few years ago. Anne’s sharing some of her fav recipes for summer entertaining today, just in time for the last couple summer hurrahs! 

One Night Cruise in Halong Bay with Bhaya Cruises

Continuing my Vietnam travel series, a recap of our night cruise in Halong Bay with Bhaya Cruises!Ok five down. One more (Hoi An) to go. These Vietnam trip recaps have taken me longer to get up than I would’ve liked but I figure it’s better late than never! If you missed them, be sure to check out two days in Ho Chi Minh City, five days in Hanoi, the best Hanoi street food tour, and five days in Luang Prabang. 

I’m excited to share with you our experience in Halong Bay with the cruise company we chose. I hope that we can help you not make the same mistake we did!

Ok, so Halong Bay in a nutshell: unbelievable. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is a scattering of 1,000 islets and limestone pillars and Northern Vietnam’s #1 tourist destination. I’m not going to lie to you though…

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