Recapping our baby moon and stay at June Farms in the Hudson Valley!

pregnant woman in yoga clothes on couch in cabin with wood walls and rustic chandelier

Why a Baby Moon?

I always had visions of a tropical and/or international baby moon destination. Images of me relaxing on a beach somewhere soaking up sun with my little one in tow. Well, clearly I had to throw those out the window. We don’t feel safe hopping on a plane right now or staying at a hotel or resort. But we REALLY still wanted to get away and have a few days to ourselves to connect, relax and recharge before baby arrives. And we didn’t want to deprive ourselves of this trip to look forward to during the pregnancy.

couple outside wearing winter hats in front of lodge at june farms

How Did We Land on June Farms?

I figured the safest version of a baby moon would be finding a (private) airbnb that would be within driving distance, maybe a few hours outside of Boston at most. I started looking in the Berkshires but didn’t find anything that wasn’t already booked or just didn’t vibe with what we were looking for. We wanted to find a place that was cozy, rustic and in nature. I started searching for treehouses and unique airbnb rentals and came across The Lodge at June Farms.

red barn with wood snack bar and blue sky with snow on the ground at june farms

I’d never heard of June Farms before but it’s located in the Hudson Valley, just outside of Albany, NY, which is about a 2.5+ hour drive for us from Boston. This place checked all our boxes though. It was unique, comfy, cozy (with a wood burning fireplace!) and it had a gorgeous kitchen that we could cook in while we were there. It also sits on 120 acres of farm land with cute heritage breed farm animals you can visit throughout the day.

wood luxury cabin with stone fireplace and wood rocking chair and branch chandelier

the lodge at june farms with wood beams and two grey couches and stone fireplace

rustic bed with grey blanket in cabin on wood platform with stone wall behind it

We stayed three nights, which of course didn’t feel like long enough once we were there, but when on vacay does it ever feel like enough?! But we made the most of our time there!

What Did We Do On Our Baby Moon?

We went grocery shopping at a supermarket in Albany before we arriving at the farm so that we could cook at the cabin. We made satisfying meals like for breakfast we had French toast with sautéed cinnamon apples; egg, bacon, cheese, and tomato sandwiches with broiled grapefruit, and one day had French toast with bacon and broiled grapefruit.

plate of french toast with syrup and bacon and bowl with grapefruit and mug of tea

egg cheese tomato bacon breakfast sandwich and bowl with grapefruit and mug on table

For lunches we made salads and tuna melts and for dinners we made the trendy TikTok tomato feta pasta (it’s worth the hype, IMO) and steak tacos with chips and gauc. And for something sweet, we made chocolate chip cookies.

tomato feta pasta from TikTok in white bowl with gold fork

We snuggled on the couches and fuzzy bean bag chair with warm blankets and read books (I’m currently reading Bringing Up Bébé, which I highly recommend, although there is some annoying diet culture talk in there at some points). Sometimes with a cocktail for Steve and a hot cocoa for me.

woman in pajamas on bean bag chair with fuzzy blanket in front of fire at cabin

We made fires (Steve made fires) and we played music (they have an awesome surround sound system with ceiling speakers that connect to AirPlay on your phone) and we played cards, and watched a movie (Minari – also highly recommend) one night.

And then of course everyday we would get bundled up and go for our walk around the farm and visit with all the animals. 

It was slow-paced, simple, and relaxing. Everything we wanted.

What Kind of Animals Did You Visit on the Farm?

June Farms specializes in heritage breeds, breeds that were popular a long time ago before industrialized farming became a thing. They have three gorgeous Shire Horses that were friendly enough to come in the barn to say hi to us on the last day.

black and white shire horse in the snow next to red barn

woman with winter coat and hat on petting black and white shire horse inside barn

They have a ton of Scottish Highland Cattle, which are the CUTEST. They are long-haired and shaggy looking and also friendly, especially when the worker on the farm gave us cracked corn to feed them on the last day.

two brown scottish highland cattle in the snow

close up of brown highland cattle with snow on his fur

\close up side profile of face of Scottish highland cattle

woman in black winter coat feeding two highland cattle at a farm

Scottish highland cattle walking in the snow on a farmThey have two Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs, named Lucy and Ethel. They mostly slept when we visited them except for the last day when one was meticulously  making her bed and was quite entertaining to watch her add hay from the ground to her bed. All while her friend slept soundly next to her, seemingly undisturbed.

two large pink pigs with black spots on a bed of hay in barnThey have several goats which are curious and friendly and love shoelaces :). Apparently during the summer months, June Farms offers goat yoga once a week, which I’ve never done but it sounds hilarious.

man holding stick with four goats biting the stick in the snow

Then they have ducks, chickens, and bees, and two farm cats, named Ginger and Roger, who are so pretty!

orange and white fluffy cat sitting on a carriage bench

white and grey cat with green eyes and pink nose sits on piece of wood in the snow

I love animals so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to me how happy I felt on the farm and how therapeutic it was to spend time watching and interacting with the animals.

Would We Go Back to June Farms?

Absolutely, in a heartbeat. It was actually quite lovely to visit there in the winter, during their off-season because it was so quiet and peaceful. There was one day we were walking around and had the entire farm to ourselves! I imagine that during the spring, summer, and fall, that the farm is more lively.

side view of the lodge at june farms at sunset in the winter with snow on the ground

We were told that when the weather is warmer, they open up their onsite restaurant/bar, The Pony Bar, where they make wood-fired pizzas in their pizza oven. They also open up a couple other cocktail bars around the farm and have lawn games, etc. set up.

The farm is open to the public – you don’t have to be staying at one of the cabins to visit. I think they were charging $5 per person for admission to walk the farm.

Even though it would be more crowded, I’d love to stay at The Lodge again during the summer or fall when we could take advantage of the huge screened-in porch.

The Lodge is their “luxury cabin” but they also have some other really cool accommodations that would be worth checking out like an airstream fit with an outdoor salt water hot tub and a decked out teepee.

It’s hard to believe that I’m in the last week of my second trimester now! This one went by really fast and I’m sure the next few months will fly by too. I’ll be sharing a second trimester recap soon! If you missed my first trimester recap, check it out!

If you have any other questions about our experience at June Farms, let me know in the comments section below!

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  2. Suzanne Sellner

    What a lovely site for a stay! I would love the peacefulness, the freedom to walk to one’s heart’s content, to prepare one’s own meals, to interact with the animals, and to relax, rest, and read. Thanks for allowing us to vicariously enjoy the experience with you.

    • Yes it was SO lovely all around. Such a peaceful retreat. Thanks for reading and sharing, Suzanne!