Hey ya’ll. Hope you enjoyed the weekend! Sorry I was MIA this past Friday but I was speaking on food photography for dietitians at the Massachusetts Dietetic Association Annual Conference & Expo. The talk went really well and I had a lot of fun talking about a topic that I’m so passionate about. It’s good I enjoyed it so much since I’ll be speaking again in a month at Rhode Island’s Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s Annual Spring Conference!




So, last week on Mindful Monday, we talked about samatha vipassana meditation which is the easiest meditation to start with when you first begin your meditation practice. Its goal is to cultivate awareness or mindfulness. This week, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite types of meditation which is called metta meditation and its goal is to cultivate loving kindness and compassion. This can be a really powerful practice to start generating more feelings of love and kindness toward yourself and others.

In today’s video, I teach you how to practice metta meditation.

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