Have a beloved yogi or yogini in your life? I’m dishing my top 10 yoga-inspired gift ideas in this 2016 holiday yoga gift guide!Have a beloved yogi or yogini in your life? I'm dishing my top 10 yoga-inspired gift ideas in this 2016 holiday yoga gift guide!As a yoga teacher for over two years now and a yoga student for oh, 13 years now, I’ve come to identify a few of my favorite yogi things. My hope is that if you’re still holiday shopping and looking for a thoughtful gift for a family member of friend who practices yoga, this gift guide will help relieve some of your stress.

Yoga Journal Subscription:

 I love a thoughtful subscription as a gift because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. This is probably why I got all my bridesmaids cocktail club subscriptions as a wedding gift :). Get your favorite yogis annual subscriptions to Yoga Journal so they can receive monthly yoga inspiration in their mailboxes. Yes, we’re talking snail mail. This magazine has fascinating articles that break down yoga poses, discuss meditation, Ayurveda, events and overall health and wellness. Your friend or family member will appreciate your thoughtfulness all year round, every time he/she opens up a new issue. 

2016 holiday yoga gift guide BuddhiBox Yoga Lifestyle Box: Buddhibox is a monthly care package carefully curated for yoga lovers! I love this idea because you get a new package with full size products and deluxe samples that will inspire a yoga lifestyle. Curious about what you might find in a box? Think yoga mat straps, aromatherapy mat mist cleaner, Ayurvedic herbal face cleanser, jewelry and more. And if your fave yogis really like an item and want to replenish their supply, they can buy it on BuddhiBox’s online store. You can also feel good that each month a portion of BuddhiBox’s sales go to support an amazing cause like StandUp for Kids, a national non-profit charity that continuously strives to provide life-saving and outreach services to homeless, street kids and at-risk youth.
holiday yoga gift guide Essential Oils Kit: Get your yogi friend an essential oil starter kit to help support their holistic health and wellness. I personally love using essential oils to support different areas of health like lavender for relaxation or lemon and peppermint for mood uplifting or OnGuard blend for immune support. This Family Physician Kit by doTERRA is the one that I have and it contains ten nurturing essential oils, including six single oils and four oil blends. The kit includes 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue, Breathe, DigestZen, and On Guard to help families address a multitude of health issues.
2016 holiday yoga gift guide Mala BeadsI love yogi accessories but I especially love Mala beads because not only are they a way to accessorize your yoga outfit, but more importantly they are a tool to help you meditate and stay present. This organic finish fair-trade meditation mala handmade in India is made of 108 Rudraksha seeds (from the sacred Indian tree) with bright red cord tassel.  No two mala beads are alike, and each mala may contain natural imperfections such as cracks, scuffs and discolorations. Mala beads are used for mantra meditations. You’ll choose one word or mantra to recite and will move your finger from one bead to the next, reciting your mantra 108 times. Research shows us just how powerful meditation is, helping us to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and much more. Talk about a meaningful gift for your loved one!yoga gift guide Wanderlust Festival: Research shows that spending money on experiences rather than material items will make us happier in the long run. Steve and I try to stick to this rule when exchanging gifts for the holidays and birthdays. Rather than buying each other gifts, we pool our money for a shared experience, a weekend getaway to Vermont or Montreal or NYC to see a broadway show. Give your favorite yogis an experience they will never forget and buy tickets to a Wanderlust festival, which is a huge 4-day celebration of mindful living. They’ll be immersed in yoga classes led by world-renowned instructors, beautiful live music, inspirational speakers and healthy Chefs. With eight festivals across the country, you’re bound to find one that’s close-ish to home :).
2016 holiday yoga gift teeki Yoga Pants: Help your favorite yogis feel and look great in their yoga practice! Teeki is one of my favorite yoga clothing lines because not only are their pant patterns super rad but they make their pants out of recycled plastic water bottles so they can be repurposed. Isn’t that incredible?! And yes, they are super comfy too. Whenever I get comments on my teeki pants and I tell people what they are made of, the next inevitable question is, “Can I touch them?” :). If you go to their website you can read all about their sustainability practices and social responsibility efforts. This is definitely a company worth supporting!2016 holiday yoga gift guide Do Your OM Thing by Rebecca Pacheco: This is one of my favorite yoga inspired books. Rebecca, a master yoga teacher, teaches you how to incorporate yoga, meditation and mindfulness into modern day life. She explains ancient yoga teachings in a super approachable, easy-to-understand way. This is the perfect book for any yogi who wants to incorporate yoga into their lives off the mat and isn’t sure where to start. holiday yoga gift guide Inhale XX Exhale- The Toni Hoodie: I am all about the comfy yoga clothing. Whether I’m going to an early morning yoga class and need something cozy for my commute or want to feel all warm and snug after a candle lit evening restorative class, this hoodie does the trick! Cut and sewn in LA, this hoodie features front pockets and is made of lightweight three end terry fabric. And my favorite part about this hoodie is the gentle reminder on the back. Reminding us that the answer is always to come back to our breath. 2016 yoga gift guide The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chodron: Your favorite yogis will want to start the New Year off with this read. I read this book during my yoga teacher training and it was life-changing. This book is all about embracing life in all of its joy and its suffering and saying yes to the human experience. It teaches us the value of the ups and downs of life, for which we have no escape.

2016 holiday yoga gift

Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster:

This is my all-time favorite yoga bolster that I use at home on the daily. Some bolsters can be so wimpy and loose that they provide no support in poses. But Hugger Mugger bolsters are so firm that they help you maintain structural integrity in all your poses, to get the most benefit from your practice! Your yogis will love you for giving them the gift of a home restorative yoga practice with their new bolster. There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and taking a supported supta baddha konasana on this bolster. 

holiday yoga gift guide

And there you have it! 10 thoughtful holiday gifts for your favorite yogi. I hope this gift guide helps make your holiday shopping a little easier this year.

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