Even though my trip to Sydney now feels like it was forever and a day ago, I’m still reminiscing.

One of the highlights of my trip to Sydney was the Taronga Zoo. I had to choose wisely how to spend my one Saturday afternoon in Sydney so I asked a handful of locals for their recommendations. Every single person mentioned Taronga Zoo. I’ve never been a big Zoo fan so I was a little skeptical. But since the last time I was at a Zoo I was in Buffalo, 12 years old, a new vegetarian and fixated on animal rights, I figured I could give it another shot and perhaps I’d feel different 13 years later.

SO glad I did. It was a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in sight and about 70 degrees. I couldn’t have asked for a better day to take the Ferry over to Taronga.



Once I got back on land, I took a cable car ride up to the top of the Zoo, admiring the breathtaking views of the city along the way.


My all time favorite animal of the day: the Koala Bear. If you look at my photo album, you’d ask yourself (as Steve did) so how many times did she go to the Koala Bear exhibit? And the answer is only 3.


The Giraffe pen is a must-see for the sole fact that it has the best views of the city. But the Giraffes are pretty cool themselves too. In fact, I caught the Zookeeper feeding them so they were a lively bunch when I was there.






Funny story behind this guy. Before I left for Australia, my dad had 3 parting words of wisdom for me: 1. Be safe, 2. Don’t walk down any dark alleys by yourself, and 3. Make sure you see a Komodo Dragon. So, I made sure I did. Evidence below.


One of the real reasons I ventured to Taronga was so I could see a kangaroo! I mean, when in Australia…seriously. So, you could imagine my disappointment as I approached the kangaroo area, when I saw this. Wake up, Kanga!


At least the wallabies were slightly more active.


Oh, JK.


I had a blast at Taronga and despite my slight skepticism, I totally dug every minute of it. I forgot how fun it is to watch animals for hours upon end.  Plus, when a Zoo is situated high above the water with spectacular views of the city, you can’t go wrong.

I’m curious, are YOU a fan of Zoos? What’s the coolest Zoo you’ve ever been to?

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