Hey guys!

Happy hump day!

I’ve been receiving a lot of emails lately from students, interns, fellow RDs, asking me how I started my own business and what tips and advice I have for them. So I thought why not make a video to tell you all about it!

The first video is all about my career journey – how I got to where I am today and what my “today” looks like (plus you get to meet my massive fluffy cat, Constantine).

The second video is my top tips of advice on how to go about starting your business!

I hope you find these videos helpful. If you have any other specific questions after watching these, please feel free to email me or leave your question in the comments section below. Wishing you much success in starting your journey to become a nutrition entrepreneur!

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  1. Dareto

    I truly love every single one of your posts. I have so many articles pinned on Pinterest, it’s not even funny

  2. I truly love every single one of your posts. I have so many articles pinned on Pinterest, it’s not even funny. After talking with my husband today, we realized that we have too many dreams for him to be stuck in a full time boring job. After explaining your story, and skimming your site, he was 100% on board. My blog is only in its infancy, and I finally started taking it really seriously today. Thank you for your transparency and honesty. You’re an inspiration. We have big goals, and there’s hope that we can accomplish them while having time to be good parents to our son.

    • Thank you so much for the extremely kind words! Good luck tackling those big goals – I have no doubt you will accomplish them!

  3. Marth

    I like to read your posts
    thank you again for your passion

  4. Ben Sherman

    thanks for the videos, it is very useful how i think

  5. Thank you a lot, for me as for student this information are really important! I’ve long time dreamed about creating my own business, but I feel insecure because of lack of experience in this field. Now you really inspired me, and I believe that I will succeed. Thank you for sharing this useful information! I’m sure that your rare and interesting videos already helps for a huge amount of people.

  6. Allison Aikens

    Thank you for sharing this Kara!
    I am currently in the process of obtaining my Bachelors in Dietetics. I love what you are doing with your degree, it is exactly what I want to do. I am very excited to start my internship, with the rotations, such a cool program! Blessings over you, Kara!
    Allison Aikens

  7. Bravo for doing these! I have no doubt watching these will be so helpful to so many in the dietetic world wanting a boost or change in their career : ) (And loved the cameo by Constantine)

  8. Loved this Kara! Thank you so much for sharing your valuable tips. I loved hearing your whole story and I appreciated how real you were throughout it all. This was so motivating and just what I needed today. Thanks again!

  9. Kara – this is so refreshing to hear your story! I absolutely love this. I totally agree that as students they drill in your head to that you have to do your time in clinical first .. When I took my first (and current job) as a Supermarket RD, many tried talking me into doing clinical first. I am so happy that I stuck to what I am truly passionate about. I hope to one day build my blog into a success like you did. I admire your hard work and dedication!

  10. Kara- I loved watching these. I’m at that point where I’ve put in some clinical time and am ready to pursue what I envisioned my career to be- starting a business! Thank you for your great tips- I will definitely be using them 🙂

  11. Great videos! I loved hearing about your journey & that patience, backward goal setting, and creating a network are key! I’m also still laughing about your clinical comment, I feel you, I’m so excited to start my business (in about a year)…. in the meantime I’ll be “loving” my clinical job & getting through my master’s 🙂

  12. These videos are awesome Kara! I especially love the part about needing at least 2 years of clinical is BS! EVERYONE tells you that. ughh. Thanks for the inspiration kara! it was great hearing your story.

  13. These were great, Kara! I love how honest and candid you are about your experience. It’s really reassuring to hear about RDs succeeding in following less-conventional career paths. I was always a little worried about not pursuing the inpatient/clinical route myself, but I knew it wasn’t where my passions are. Thanks for sharing your tips as well as the details of your journey, including both your struggles and triumphs.

  14. Thank you Kara! Loved the tips. 🙂

  15. Great tips! I am an RD blogging since internship days as well but really need to work on the online presence. I enjoyed your videos and as always, enjoy your blog:) Thanks!

    • Thanks for watching, Rainie! Love “meeting” fellow RD bloggers. Be patient with yourself and remember to prioritize. Building an online presence can definitely feel overwhelming but remember you don’t have to do it all/be on all the channels. Pick a few to start and focus on and do really well. xx

  16. Absolutely LOVED watching these…SO helpful as I’m about to start my internship! Hearing successful RDs’ stories is so inspiring and motivating! Thanks Kara!!