Back in September of last year, I never thought that 12 months of my dietetic internship would fly by so quickly. In fact, many doubts filled my head before I started. Would I remember everything I learned in college? Could I balance full time hours plus a part-time job plus assignments and presentations? One year later, I have accomplished all that and more and I couldn’t be prouder of myself. I am amazed at how much I have learned.

This year I really branched out and have met so many amazing people in the field of nutrition as a result. I became involved with the Massachusetts Student Dietetic Association where I met some truly inspiring dietetic students and interns. Through this involvement, I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging. With the help of a couple blogger friends, Corinne and Lindsey, and the inspiration of Janel through her presentation on social media, I was determined to give blogging a try. Once I started blogging, I discovered how much I enjoy writing about food and nutrition and sharing my passion with the public. I also discovered that there is a crazy online network of dietitians out there and it has been great “meeting and tweeting” with them. Networking is key among dietitians and dietetic students/interns. It helps keep us connected and strong as an association.

So it’s official, I am a graduated dietetic intern of Mount Auburn Hospital!



The two and only Mount Auburn Hospital Dietetic Interns! Graduation caps and all! (Yes, our caps have fake fruit glued on top).

The RDs at Mount Auburn are amazing! We all went out to dinner the week of our graduation to celebrate. Since it also happened to be Restaurant Week in Boston, we took advantage! We went to Rialto in Harvard Square. I loved the decor of the restaurant, it was super chic. The food was excellent as well. Chef Jody Adams of Rialto supports local farmers, incorporating local New England ingredients into her dishes. She also is active in the community, supporting organizations that promote children’s advocacy and hunger relief. Like I said in my Eating Out post, it was definitely a restaurant that I felt good supporting and knew that the food would be fresh and high quality.

I started off with a farm lettuce salad with herbs, radishes, and champagne vinaigrette . Then I had the seared bluefish with a pomegranate glaze, grilled eggplant and yogurt cucumber sauce. Delicious!


And to top it off, I had a chocolate espresso torta with vanilla anglaise, caramelized stone fruit and hazelnut crunch. It was a little to rich for my liking so I ate the top half that had the hazelnut crunch! And the stone fruit with the chocolate was perfect.


Next on my list of celebrations, EVOO. I picked this restaurant to go to for dinner the night of my graduation with my family and boyfriend. I had never been but had heard great things and the restaurant week menu looked fabulous! They pride themselves on using as many local ingredients as possible and their home-grown menu changes daily as a result. On their menu, they list the name of the farm where the ingredients are coming from. Talk about farm to table dining! What I am about to say is not because I was in a great mood that night having just graduated from dietetic internship or because I was with the people who I love the most, but this restaurant experience made it to the top of my list. And I mean TOP, maybe even # 1. The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD, an ironic expression considering the food really came from the New England area, as close as it gets. Check out what I had below…



Pomegranate martini to celebrate! And that is organic sugar on the rim just in case you were wondering.


First course: grilled ‘n chilled local farmer’s summer vegetable gazpacho with charred vegetable – tomato salad – little maine shrimp. My first gazpacho experience!! I was so nervous to try it, thinking that I might hate it…but it was absolutely awesome! So refreshing. I will have to try to make my own next summer.


Second course: seared New Bedford day boat sea scallops with local farmers’ summer vegetable succotash, fried zucchini and purslane. The scallops so tender, we’re talking melt-in-your-mouth good and the fried zucchini was mouth-watering as well.

We got a few different desserts at the table to try. You know the saying “save room for dessert?” I doubt any of us had any “room left” for dessert, but when the desserts look and taste as good as these, you don’t need “room”, just a sweet tooth and a desire to indulge :). One of the desserts we had (not pictured below) was Carlson’s Orchard peach, wild maine blueberry, basil crisp with toasted oat-almond topping and Vermont sour cream ice cream. I devoured this crisp like no other and I wasn’t even the one who ordered it :).


Chocolate banana bread pudding with warm buttermilk caramel. Fun fact about me – bread pudding is one of my ultimate favorite desserts. Check out the pumpkin bread pudding I made here (just in time for fall, and I hear pumpkins are being harvested earlier this year because of the hot summer we had!)


Warm chocolate truffle cake with toasted marshmallow cream


My lovely company at EVOO. Feeling full and satisfied.

On another note, not related to food or nutrition, but so funny I feel the need to share…the next night after EVOO, my family, boyfriend and I went to see the Blue Man Group. The show was so entertaining. I could not stop laughing the entire show. But that’s not the hilarious part I wanted to share…the blue men pulled me (literally) out of the audience to go up on stage to do a skit with them!!! I could not believe it. Maybe I shouldn’t have been laughing so much :). It was so fun though and they gave me a couple of souvenirs before I went back into the audience. Here are some pics with the blue men and I.


DSCN1888Yes he is leaving his blue lips on my program…and I’m carrying my “to go box” from my “dinner” with the blue man group 🙂

Overall I had a fantastic dietetic internship graduation weekend. It still all seems a little surreal. Next step, study for the RD exam, become a registered dietitian, and find a job!

Peace, love, and food,


Do you have a memory of a favorite meal? Or a memory of when you felt very proud of yourself?

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  1. Maggie McCall

    Hi Kara,
    I am currently applying to dietetic internships and Mount Auburn is one of great interest to me. Would it be okay to ask you a few questions about your experience?

    Thank you in advance and I look forward to your response.

  2. Karsyn


    I am looking into dietetic internships and I am interested in Mount Auburn Hospital. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the program?

    Thank you

  3. Congrats on finishing your dietetic internship! That’s an amazing accomplishment! Best wishes on studying for the RD exam, as well.

    I would love to move to the New England area. How did you like doing your internship there? It seems like there is a great nutrition community in the area!

    • thanks so much everyone for the congratulations! it means a lot! 🙂

    • i loved doing my internship in boston! i also did my undergrad work here as well. there really is a great network of RDs in this area and the Massachusetts Dietetic Association is super active. i’m sure you would love it here!

  4. Congrats on graduating!!!!! And EVOO is my new favorite restaurant in Boston too! It’s amazing! Now seeing Jess’ comment, I think a RD trip to EVOO in the near future is a must for all of us!

  5. Congratulations! That’s awesome! What a great accomplishment. You roccckkkk. I went to EVOO last year for restaurant week and it is by far my favorite restaurant ever. THe food is so fresh and tasty, and the bread there is my favorite. I’m so glad you’re part of the blogging/social media community. Cheers!