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Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway (and Recipe Sneak Peak!)

Enter the Nourish Your Namaste giveaway for your chance to win my top tier e-book package ($99 value!) and an awesome gift basket filled with all of my favorite yogi-approved snacks and gear!Enter for a chance to win! Nourish Your Namaste GiveawayHey ya’ll!

Thanks so much for the support of my e-book. It means the world to me. It is such a cool feeling putting your heart and soul into something and then finally being able to share it with the world. I’m loving hearing all the positive feedback on the book too – it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face each and every time.

A couple weeks ago, I announced the launch of Nourish Your Namaste: How Nutrition and Yoga Can Support Digestion, Immunity, Energy & Relaxation. Today, I’m here to give you a sneak peak at the eight plant-based, functional recipes in the book AND I’m here to offer up my BEST giveaway yet with some of my favorite Nourish Your Namaste approved foods and snacks.

First, here are the recipes you’ll find in Nourish Your Namaste:

Recipes for Relaxation

Lemon Lavender Oat Scones (vegetarian)

Using key calming ingredients like lavender, yogurt and oats, these good-for-you scones are sure to leave you feeling totally relaxed. Zen bonus points for enjoying these with a cup of hot chamomile tea. Lemon Lavender Oat Scones found in Nourish Your Namaste e-book

Sweet Potato Smoothie (vegan, gf)

Root vegetable sweet potato and warming spices like ginger and cinnamon make this smoothie ultra grounding, comforting, and satisfying. Sweet Potato Smoothie found in Nourish Your Namaste e-bookRecipes for Digestion

Roasted Asparagus with Miso Ginger Kefir Dressing (vegetarian, gf)

Say sayonara to tummy troubles with this vegetable side that includes prebiotic-packed asparagus plus probiotic-packed miso and kefir rounded out with soothing ginger. Add some baked tempeh and brown rice to make this a well-balanced, digestive-boosting meal.Roasted Asparagus with Miso Ginger Kefir Dressing found in Nourish Your Namaste e-book

Kimchi Huevos Rancheros (vegetarian, gf)

A spicy way to kick-start your digestive system. This gut-friendly twist on a breakfast classic contains probiotic-boasting kimchi and plenty of prebiotics from the onions and garlic.Kimchi Huevos Rancheros found in Nourish Your Namaste e-book

Recipes for Energy

Pumpkin Lentil Quinoa Chili (vegan, gf)

With a winning combination of plant-based proteins, fiber, and healthy fat (avocado), this filling chili is sure to refuel your energy levels post-practice.Pumpkin Lentil Quinoa Chili found in Nourish Your Namaste e-book

Edamame & Spinach Quinoa Salad with Avocado Dressing (vegan, gf)

Packed with energy–boosting foods like edamame, quinoa, avocado, pumpkin seeds and hydrating spinach, this salad will definitely carry you over until you hit the mat.-Edamame & Spinach Quinoa Salad with Avocado Dressing found in Nourish Your Namaste e-bookRecipes for Immunity

Cold-Fighting Tropical Green Juice (vegan, gf)

Skip the $10 cold pressed juice at your yoga studio and BYOJ (bring your own juice!) You don’t even need a juicer for this recipe, any old blender will do! Sip on this green juice as a pre-yoga snack to reap the immune benefits of vitamin C packed fruits and veggies.
Cold Fighting Tropical Green Juice found in Nourish Your Namaste e-book

Immunity-Boosting Buddha Bowl with Turmeric Tahini Dressing (vegan, gf)

Loaded with immune-boosting functional ingredients like mushrooms, turmeric, kale and cauliflower, this Buddha bowl is the perfect meal for cold and flu season when mats are just a little too close for comfort.  Immunity Boosting Buddha Bowl with Turmeric Tahini Dressing found in Nourish Your Namaste e-bookHungry yet? Buy the book and get all 8 recipes plus tons of food and nutrtion recos, step-by-step yoga poses and more!

Or, enter to WIN my BEST e-book package ($99 value!) PLUS an AWESOME Nourish Your Namaste gift basket!Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway

This gift basket includes:

(1) Kashi Go Lean Matcha Tea Mantra Plant Powered Shake + (1) yoga mat!

(3) Annie’s Vegan Shells & Creamy Sauce, Vegan and Gluten-Free Shells & Creamy Sauce and Organic Grass-Fed Macaroni & Cheese

(12) KIND bars of my favorite flavors (Black Truffle Almond & Sea Salt, Honey Roasted Nuts & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Almond Mint, Raspberry Cashew & Chia and Dark Chocolate Almond & Coconut)Enter for your chance to win the Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway (12) 88 Acres bars (based in the Boston area!) in Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, Apple & Ginger and Triple Berry

(9) LARABAR Organic with Superfoods bars  + (1) LARABAR t-shirt!Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway-3(4) bags of Biena Chickpea snacks (also based in Boston!) in Habenero, Sea Salt, Rockin Ranch and Cinnamon Crunch

(1) bag of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts (raw shelled hemp seeds) + (1) bag of Hemp Heart Bites (crunchy hemp snacks) Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway-4(1) awesome Every Day I’m Brusslin’ tote bag made by Eat Healthy Designs Nourish Your Namaste Giveaway-5Yep, everything in that basket can be yours plus my Tier 3 Nourish Your Namaste Package (over $250 value!). All you gotta do is enter below for a chance to WIN! Enter by Wednesday, June 1 at 11:59pm EST and I’ll announce the winner of the giveaway next Thursday! Giveaway open to residents of the U.S. who are 18+ years old.

Good luck, friends! Namaste.
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Enter to win top-tier $99 Nourish Your Namaste e-book package and all my favorite yogi-approved snacks and gear at

BIG thank you Kashi, Eat Healthy Designs, LARABAR, KIND, 88 Acres, Annie’s, Manitoba Harvest and Biena for donating goodies for this giveaway!

I’m a nutrition coach and yoga teacher helping people to learn to love food again. I love cooking, taking pictures of my food and traveling around the world. Follow my blog for delicious, seasonal vegetarian recipes and simple strategies to bring more yoga and mindfulness into your life. And check out my e-book to learn how to improve your health through nutrition and yoga. Show me what deliciousness you make! Tag me @karalydonRD on Instagram.


  1. I would love to try these products!!! And congrats on the new book looks interesting something I have never seen before and would love to learn more about!

  2. Mag Blossom

    Good for you, Janice! Enjoy!!

  3. Leah Shumack

    I would really love to try the Chickpea Snacks! Plus the cookbook would really come in handy too!

  4. I would love to win because I love trying new things!

  5. Mag Blossom

    Good luck, everyone, and thanks for the awesome opportunity!! Great recipes, too, thanks!!

  6. Michelle Pillepich

    I would absolutely love to win because I am now getting back into a more consistent yoga practice for both the mental as well as physical benefits. I am so excited about all the wisdom you’re sharing with your ebook and would love to read it all! (and winning it would be so nice as a penny pinching soon to be grad student!)
    instagram: @powerdbypeanutbutter
    twitter: michelle_pill

  7. Lauren Williams

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’m vegan so that Annie’s Vegan Mac&Cheese made me really excited, I would love to win for that!! I followed you on Instagram, my handle is @swoopsdown. I also subscribed to the mailing list, I put my email in the box below. and the link to my facebook where I shared the link to the contest is

  8. So excited to have found your blog and to now follow you on social!

  9. Heather S

    I would love to win as I already LOVE these brands so much and would love to share these with my kiddos! @kaizenfashion

  10. Breanna Pollard

    I would love to win so I can start eating better.

  11. Everything looks fantastic. Congrats!

  12. johnmickey7

    Love nutritious snacks

  13. What an awesome accomplishment. Kudos to you! Love the giveaway and all the goodies. 🙂

  14. Hi Kara, I just found your blog through Dietitians on the Blog FB group. The recipes from your ebook look delicious and filling. I especially look forward to trying the lemon lavender oat scones. What a refreshing and energizing way to start your day!

    I’ve dabbled in the past with yoga and remember that when I was practicing vinyasa yoga and prenatal yoga, I felt so in tune with my body and mind. Yoga and meditation is something I want to get back into doing for my self-care (instead of binge-watching Netflix). Are you a morning or evening yoga person?

    This is my first time entering a giveaway. I would love to win because I love trying new foods. I’ve heard great things about the Kind bars! Plus, that bag is so fun. I can imagine myself carrying it around the Farmer’s Market singing to myself lol.

    Looking forward to exploring your blog more, thank you!

    • Hi Rachel – so glad you found my blog! I do both yoga and Netflix bingeing :). I tend to be an evening yoga person. I love taking a yoga class at the end of a work day to decompress and officially turn work off. Thanks for entering the giveaway! So nice to connect 🙂

  15. I recently discovered that I have both a wheat and milk allergy. I am looking for ideas on foods that will fit my new lifestyle change. Trying new products is important to me.

  16. Kara Kudro

    I love trying new organic products.

  17. Kara Kudro

    My Instagram Handle is @kkudro

  18. These photos are awesome! Can’t wait to try some recipes out.

  19. Kate Martin

    Hi Kara,
    This is cool. My family of five would enjoy receiving all of this in the mail. Thanks for the chance.


    Congrats! I would love to win because these products sound amazing and I’d love to try them!

  21. Gina Fleury

    My daughter and I are trying to eat healthier and she plans to teach my some beginner yoga moves. This would be a great contest to win to begin us on our health journey. Thanks

  22. Amanda Waithe

    Congrats on your e-book! How exciting! All theses recipes look so yummy! Thanks for sharing! I would be so happy if you can enter me in this giveaway. Thanks for the chance. Namaste!

  23. Laura Royal

    I would love to win b/c this would help me to stay motivated to be healthy through the rest of my pregnancy.

  24. love hemp seeds!

  25. justin tan

    I lost 30lbs and would love to lose another 10lbs this year. I believe what I eat really help me in getting this fitter and healthier body.

    Instagram: @justints21

  26. I am going to have to try the lemon lavender scones! There was this bakery here where I live that used to make the most delicious lavender scones but they stopped selling them awhile back. Glad I found this recipe. I would like to win because I see some of my favorites and some new brands I’d like to try. Thanks!

  27. Kara – you are a rockstar! Congrats on your e-book. I can’t wait to read it 🙂 Wishing you nothing but success!!

  28. Anne Stull

    Thanks for the chance!!

  29. Your recipes are wonderful! Now, the challenge is to make mine as pretty as yours!! New ‘friend’ via Manitoba Hemp Hearts. Shared on Google Plus (love old), IG (mag.blossom), FB (Mag Blossom) and tweeted (flatblossom) – whew, no wonder there’s not enough hours in the day….lol! Thanks for the awesome blog and giveaway!!

  30. jodi Armstrong

    I’d love to win because some of these prizes we already use daily but some we’ve never tried and they look yummy. Also the recipes sounds so good. Thanks for the chance!

  31. jodi Armstrong

    Looks so yummy. @jodiarm on ig

  32. I’d love to win all these products.

  33. I’d like to win because I am gradually replacing non-organic foods with organic foods and it would be great to try out some new ones, as well as old favourites in different flavours.

  34. Wow! Amazing selection. Thanks so much for the chance. I have shared and followed on instagram @bcgirll2

  35. I’d love to win because I love trying new, healthy foods 🙂

  36. Congrats on your e-book! This is such a great giveaway especially for travel!

  37. Looks fantastic!
    Instagram : run_cheer_run

  38. Congratulations on your new book. The food looks yummy and full of flavour.

  39. Totally loving this bag, and I have been wanting to try the Biena snacks and 88 Acres too.

  40. I love healthy snacks.

  41. I love all the products mentioned.

  42. Lemon lavender scones! Those are a must try!! Thanks for the great recipes, I pinned most but unfortunately do not know how to insert the link to raffle copter.

  43. Wow! Recipes look and sound yummy and healthy. Congrat on you e-book! Look forward to trying some.

  44. Great giveaway! Such a fantastic tie-in with your wonderful book 🙂

  45. Congrats on your e-book Kara! Your recipes are wonderful and your photos are gorgeous!

  46. Linda Kish

    I would like to try some new foods that I haven’t had before and be able to snack on some that I have (Kind bars and Larabars).

  47. Laurie Nykaza

    I would love to try these products and my son has Celiacs disease so he could enjoy them being gluten free too. I also love the recipes you have on your blog so glad I found it through the giveaway…

  48. Laurie Nykaza

    I had to pin all of these recipes everything looks so good and healthy to eat too.l

  49. Congratulations on your e-book, it looks wonderful!! The recipes are drool-worthy!

  50. yum I love all these products! My boyfriend especially loves the Annies mac & cheese

  51. So fun! Again, congrats, my friend! xo

  52. Tracy Daly

    This is such a nourishing & delightful array of goodies! Thanks for even putting this out there for all to see how easy being healthy can be. Y.U.M.!

  53. Ah, I can’t see what I am writing, but so excited for you!

  54. Tyler Nguyen

    Everything looks so good!! First of all, Kind bars are the best, but the bag has to be my favorite of the items! And I can’t wait to check out the sweet potato smoothie.

  55. Amy Fenzel

    This tote bag is the best! Plus all these yummy treats 🙂
    Definitely entering to win this awesome giveaway !!

  56. I’ve been anxious to try your recipes! Would love to win this!

  57. Parker Brown-Nesbit

    Wow to everything. The recipes sound delicious & the giveaway is really cool.

  58. I never win anything! But I will keep trying! Me and my 7 children are all gluten free by necessity and drinking smoothies and trying to eat healthy and raise a lot of our food. We almost never get these kinds of treats and snacks and things. Great giveaway!

  59. exciting!

  60. There are so many tasty items! I would love to try the Biena Chickpea snacks. They look so good!

  61. This is such a great giveaway. I love the “everyday i’m brusselin'” bag and would love to try some of those bars from boston, but I will admit I love kind bars. Also, love Annies but have never tried the vegan version!! My instagram handle is @rosekap.RD and I hope I’m lucky and win! I’ve been trying to incorporate more yoga into my weekly routine so I’m crossing my fingers I win this contest.

  62. Wow! What fun recipes! Excited to get the e-book and check out the smoothie 🙂

  63. SO many fun things 🙂 All RD approved snacks. Love it! And I can’t wait to try out the recipes in your ebook. Namaste

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