A look into the food of Seattle (part deux)

I said it before and I’ll say it again. Seattle dwellers are in touch with food and nutrition. But this time, let me explain what I mean. When I walked by restaurants, I would see advertisements for gluten-free options, vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, yeast-free…and the list continues. When I would look at menus or walk into a grocery store, I would see local food, local food, and more local food. I also witnessed it in the counseling appointments I sat in on. Clients buy organic, they eat from their garden, they avoid gluten…you get my drift.

I don’t know what it is about Seattle that makes it such a foodie city. I wonder if it has anything to do with the alternative medicine movement being more prevalent there. Often, alternative practitioners focus on diet as part of their treatment and tune in to food sensitivities that may cause various symptoms from…

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A look into the food of Seattle

Rain & clouds. Those are the two words that people used to describe Seattle when I would tell them I wanted to check out the city. But when I got the opportunity to talk to people who have actually lived there or visited, it was a totally different story. They said it’s green and beautiful, the city is environmentally friendly, and the people there are health-conscious.

Oh, were they right! Last week I got the opportunity to take a trip across the country to Seattle, WA. I set up a rotation there for my internship so that I could learn more about integrative nutrition at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. What got me intrigued to visit Seattle in the first place was my interest in Bastyr University, “the largest university for natural health arts and sciences in the U.S., combining a multidisciplinary curriculum with leading-edge research and clinical…

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A reassuring story

Sorry for my absence on the blog front! I was on a lovely vacation with my family on Lake Ontario and spent some time in my home-town Buffalo, NY. Then I got back and was writing 8 hours every day as part of an internship with SuperKids Nutrition. So I was all blogged out by the end of the day! Hope you didn’t miss me too much!Also, (and this is a big wah-wah), my camera is broken! What’s a food blogger to do?! I’m seriously sad about this and need to buy a camera asap so I can keep taking pics of all the delicious food I eat.

In light of not having pictures and also being pressed for time, I just wanted to share a little story with you guys that you might find inspiring. When I was home last weekend, I went to the Taste of Buffalo with my boyfriend,…

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The vino debate. Healthy or unhealthy?

I was out to dinner with a couple of lovely ladies in the North End of Boston last night. The North End is the Italian district filled with delicious authentic Italian restaurants. To savor with our food, we ordered a bottle of Pinot Noir, my red wine of choice. As I reflected on my dinner last night, I couldn’t help but think how there are a lot of mixed messages in the media about the health benefits of wine. Should I drink more? Should I drink less? Is wine good for my health? Let’s try and answer some of these questions!
Resveratrol is a new big buzz word when debating the health benefits of wine. In addition to its antioxidant properties, resveratrol can help increase HDL cholesterol (the good guys) and decrease LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff that clogs your arteries). Another antioxidant, flavanoids are…

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For all you onion haters out there…there is hope. I used to be one.

Onions and I used to have a hate-hate relationship. Seriously, I couldn’t stand those pungent little buggers. Plus, who would want to eat a veggie that was mean enough to make you cry!? Now I realize though that those tears we shed when cutting through an onion are really tears of joy. Joy because of the anticipation of flavoring a homecooked meal with the aroma and taste of a delicious onion.

What? A girl can change her mind! I’m really surprised how full circle I came with eating onions. I never used to be able to eat an onion, even if it was cooked into a meal. But not completely surprised because did you know that as a kid you have to be introduced to a new food several times before knowing if you really like it or not. Maybe I just wasn’t introduced to it enough as a kid… 🙂 This is such…

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My meal makeover!

Have you ever gotten your make-up done? Or, adopted a new look? Or cut your hair a new fab way? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you know how exciting it is to change things up and feel like a new person! What if we gave our meals a makeover? That’s right. What if we changed just a few things in a recipe? Made some tiny tweaks? How would we feel? I bet our bodies would thank us for eating healthier foods and if we made-over enough of our meals, we might just start to feel like a new person!

My meal makeover was inspired by someone dear to my heart, my mother. One of my favorite meals growing up that my Mom used to make was tuna noodle casserole. Recently, I wanted a little taste of home, so I called my Mom to get…

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Veggies. Taste the Rainbow.

Sorry to rain on Skittles parade but do you really taste the rainbow when you eat skittles? I don’t know about you but I mostly taste sugar coated chewyness. You know when I can taste the rainbow? When I’m ROY G. BIV’in it with my veggies. (You remember ROY G. BIV from school right?! The way to remember the colors of the rainbow!)

Now I understand it might be hard to find an indigo or a violet veggie..but u get my drift right? The more colorful your meal is the better! Why, you ask? Aren’t all veggies created equal? If I get at least one veggie on my plate isn’t that enough?! Of course, one vegetable is better than no vegetables! But let me give you the scoop on the colors of the vegetable rainbow…aka PHYTOCHEMICALS!!

Phytochemicals are the chemicals produced by plants. Sounds kind of boring right? WRONG!…

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