Spring Vegetable Cacio e Pepe

Peppery and oh, so cheesy, this spring vegetable cacio e pepe is the perfect springtime comfort food. Oh, what a longggggg weekend I had. And I mean that in the worst sense of long. lol

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my Stories and know about the accident I was in last Friday night. For those of you who don’t, let me quickly fill you in. I was hit by the driver’s side mirror of a big pick-up truck while crossing the street. The truck was making a sharp turn and didn’t see Steve or I crossing the street (and we didn’t see them coming either) and BAM. My head was whacked by the truck’s mirror. I was basically in a state of shock the rest of the night and vacillated between hysterical laughter (omg did that really just happen?) and ugly crying…

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20 Fun Floral Recipes to Try

Flowers are pretty, but they’re not just for the garden! In fact, floral flavors are one of the top food trends sweeping the nation this year. Bring floral flavors into your kitchen this spring + summer with one of these fun recipes!The Best Lavender Granola via The Foodie DietitianHealthy Berry Lemonade with Lavender via One Hungry Bunny

Wild Blueberry Lemon Nice Cream with Edible Flowers via Amy Gorin NutritionWild Blueberry & Rose Water Smoothie via Tasty Balance Nutrition

Gluten-Free Lavender Lemon Bars via Lively TableLavender & Basil Summer Fruit Salad via The Nutrition Adventure

Blackberry Lilac Mojito via Half Baked Harvest

Wild Blueberry & Lavender Smoothie via Emily Kyle Nutrition

Mini Vegan Chocolate Hibiscus Cake via The Almond EaterLavender Honey Glazed Healthy Apple Muffins via One Hungry Bunny

Cozy Lavender Almondmilk Latte via The Foodie DietitianBlueberry Lavender Sangria via Lively Table

Herb & Flower Yogurt Spread via LiveBestLavender Honey Lemonade…

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Why I Don’t Include the Nutrition Information for My Recipes

It’s the most frequently asked question I get on the blog so I figured it’s about time I answered it in depth! Explaining why I don’t include the nutrition information for the recipes on my blog.One of the questions I get asked most often in the comments section on the blog is why don’t I provide the nutrition information for my recipes. I’ve even had some people question if I’m truly a dietitian because I don’t include the nutrition information. Here’s what I can assure you:

  • I am a registered dietitian nutritionist
  • I create damn good recipes that taste delicious
  • I’m most often keeping nutrition in mind when I develop recipes
  • When you visit my blog, you will never feel an ounce of food guilt or shame due to some numbers.

If you’ve asked me this question before or thought about asking me it, this post is not…

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Intuitive Eating is a Journey, Not a Destination

Hey friends! I’m still in Japan this week (back next week!) and so my other awesome intern, Dana, is taking the reigns here on the blog today. Dana is an amazing new RD (woot, woot!) who is passionate about intuitive eating and Health At Every Size. She’s also just an overall lovely human being and I think you’re gonna love getting to know her today. Dana is brave enough to be sharing her personal story of her relationship with food and her body here today and I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to some pieces of her story. I hope today’s post reminds you that we’re all on our own journeys; no one has really reached “the destination.” We’re all works in progress. xo


Hi everyone — my name is Dana! I’m a new RD, a lover of good food, yoga and a great book. I’ve been interning…

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Whole Grain Triple Berry Ginger Scones

Bursting with springtime berries and a kick of sweetly spiced ginger, these easy Whole Grain Triple Berry Ginger Scones  are perfect to share with Mom on Mother’s Day or would make a fabulous addition to any weekend brunch spread!Hellooo lovelies. I’m away in Japan this week and next for a business trip (and some extended pleasure too) so my two wonderful interns are going to be hopping on while I’m away. First, up we’ve got Jenni with her mouthwatering scone recipe. Jenni’s been helping me out behind the scenes at TFD since January and I’m excited to rip back the curtain and let her take the spotlight here! She’s passionate about culinary nutrition communications and intuitive eating and I think you’ll see that passion shine through in this post. I just adore her casual, friendly, down-to-earth writing style and I can’t wait to see this girl KICK IT as an…

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How to Raise an Intuitive Eater

The topic of how to raise an intuitive eater seems to keep coming up these days so I’m sharing four tips today about how to raise an intuitive eater.This post is sponsored by (and photo credit to) Revolution Foods. Thanks for supporting the brands and organizations that make TFD possible! As always, opinions are my own.

I’ve been thinking more and more about this idea of raising an intuitive eater lately. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I recently chatted about my own personal experience with food growing up (spoiler alert: it was not intuitive) with Paige Smathers on her podcast Nutrition Matters. Or, if it’s the fact that more and more friends and colleagues my age are raising kids of their own and sharing their struggles. Or, if I’m starting to think about the type of eater I want to raise and how I want my kids…

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20 Favorite Rhubarb Recipes for Spring

After patiently waiting out winter, I think it’s safe to say spring has fiiiiinally sprung! One sure sign, the bright glossy stalks of rhubarb that start showing up at farmer’s markets. From sweet to savory, and beverages to breakfasts, choose one of these 20 Favorite Rhubarb Recipes to give this springtime veggie (yep, it’s technically a vegetable) a try.Strawberry Rhubarb Gin Fizz via The Foodie Dietitian5-Minute Raspberry Rhubarb & Coconut Quinoa Porridge via Katie Cavuto

Healthy Strawberry Rhubarb Bread via Fannetastic Food

Honey-Stewed Strawberry Rhubarb Compote via Mom’s Kitchen Handbook

Strawberry Rhubarb Breakfast Crisp via The Joy of Eating

Rhubarb Raspberry Oat Squares via Katie Cavuto

Rhubarb Ginger Lemon Muffins via Jessica Levinson

Rhubarb Sauce + 4 Ways to Use It via Teaspoons of Spice

Strawberry Rhubarb Overnight Oats via Sinful Nutrition

Berry Rhubarb Mini Cheesecake Bites via One Hungry Bunny

Rhubarb Banana Bread via Smart NutritionStrawberry Rhubarb Coconut Crumble Bars via…

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